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  • I was going to fill out my About Me, but considering the inordinate amount of time it takes for me to even go to sleep, I really should be trying to fall asleep right now instead.
    "Error: Failed to load GameFont" Oh. My. Freaking. God. This error makes me want to break my whole bedroom. I've posted what I can on YEP thread. It doesn't make any sense as to why it's happening...
    Do you have the font the plug-in needs?

    If you do not have the font, it will not work.
    Prizm Daystar
    Prizm Daystar
    I do, actually. I have said this in the YEP thread.

    The messed-up thing is that even though it's Yanfly's plugins ( only certain ones are causing the trouble) being added to the project, the main problem exists in some of the default Javascript plugs that are the baseline of all projects.

    The thing that I don't get is that even if the font is there, it acts like it isn't?
    Looking back on last night, I realized something. I have NO idea what to do with plugins...
    There is a video on how to use them. If you need help, post in the forum.
    Well, I just realized that I'm almost done with the prologue of "TWWW!". I just have to map and event Cynda Bael for the very first time...and that requires a new tileset that I don't even have...
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bro how do I have over 30 OCs
A good way to mix your own music? What's the learning curve on that?
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What theme for the next windowskin? You'll decide. Tell what you wanna see and I'll try for.
I just saw in a manga an interesting mechanic - setting up a stationary teleport beacon that one can go to no matter where one is in a dungeon. I think it'll work with a similar setup to how I did my airship transition.

Ooh what if you could set up multiple beacons and choose from a list of the beacons you set up?

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