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    Dinosaur Games

    Huh, this old topic is back, interesting. Primal Carnage Extinction is free to play on Steam. It's like a 3rd person shooter/action hybrid arena competition game. Or whatever you call it. You can play as humans (with weapons and stuff) or dinosaurs, and can compete with other players online...
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    RPG Maker Birthday Mini Sale!

    Wow, this is PERFECT timing for me. I've hit a block in my project mere days ago and these will be perfect! I've wanted them for my main project anyway for a long time, but never had the right opportunity to get them. And maybe I'll finally go back to my unfinished VX Samurai Pack game with...
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    Params As Currency Plugin

    Ok, cool, I'll check it out!
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    Params As Currency Plugin

    Awesome plugin! I can use this in more than one project! Any chance this could have compatibility with a plugin that adds extra stats?
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    I just beat it for the first time last week!

    I just beat it for the first time last week!
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    I am commissioning plugins, And would like to share them .. Here you go!

    Larger battler parties is a great idea, now I wonder if it works with some kind of "row" plug-in. The Non-Combat Actor system sounds great, I can't wait to try that out. Thanks for sharing these!
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    YES - Skill Equip Add-on: Passive States

    Don't like to bump old threads, but the script is not accessible. The script is displayed in one line. I've tried to fix that problem before with no luck. I tried searching for the script elsewhere, no luck. The script is not on the author's website. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Actor Portraits in Battle

    Cool script! Been looking for an actor battler plugin like this! One question though, is it possible to have a different naming scheme for the battlers? The current method only allows one battler per actor, which is bad for costume changes, time skips, transformations, etc. Like, maybe have...
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    Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons! -- Now with Version Two!

    I wonder how version 3 is coming along... Anyway, really awesome script. Tried to figure it out on my own and failed miserably, but read up and stuff and I'm starting to figure it out. I actually have multiple projects I could use this in!
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    Simple Message Busts

    I second this request. It looks really cool but that formatting, it's giving me nightmares...
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    Birthday Sale!

    So I finally got 2003...and I don't even know why I really got it. I never finished a project with XP, VX Ace, or MV, so...why? (I didn't include VX because I only used the demo...) But...I'll give it some more time later.
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    Birthday Sale!

    Radical! I kept missing all the store sales, been meaning to get RPG Maker 2003 and the Modern Tiles pack! Some day I should get VX so I can finish my VX projects I started with the demo...I miss those projects...
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    Crystal Engine - Extra Stats

    @Sixth: Works perfectly, thanks! Ideally it would be nice to have a custom equip scene to show changes for all the xstats, but...that's complicated. For the project I'm planning on using this in, I was going to use a custom equip scene anyway.
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    Crystal Engine - Extra Stats

    Noticing all that nice open space between a stat name and stat number, I decide to have 12 xstats, so 3 nice columns of 6 stats each. But like blackmdawn said, it all stays in the 2nd column and just goes down off-screen. I think I found where to modify that, but being totally ignorant of...
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    Those kinds of skills are my absolute favorites. Well, when games have even more obscure stats...

    Those kinds of skills are my absolute favorites. Well, when games have even more obscure stats that effect the damage formula and you have ways to boost them, that's even better!

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