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  • *Lazily rolls in* What have I missed during the past... *Checks*... several years?
    Some people left, some people came back. A few events. A bit of drama now and then when a person decides to be a brat and gets themselves in trouble. Interesting discussions. Lots of resources and plugins released. Some old stuff going away due to the site going down or getting deleted. The usual.
    Does any mod mind if I ask them a bunch of Composer/Forum related questions through their inbox? Not 100% sure if some ideas I have are against forum policy or not!
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I just did some math and... apparently what seemed to be a little fun gimmick turned out to be an 80+ actors project :kaoswt2:
Yay! the original character contest 3 pack is here!
Both MV and MZ looks very good, congratulation for both RMW and Tkool participant!
I definitely can add these characters to use for my game project.

Steam link
The worst part of game development has to be marketing. Ugh...
May be starting a new job in a month or so. The thought is both exciting and terrifying.
Not like a rollercoaster though. Rollercoasters are just terrifying.
"Merchants don't sell you a product. They sell you something RIGHT NOW. That's all they're selling, the product of having what you want RIGHT NOW and not having to wait for it."

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