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    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    Thank you for taking your time writing this comment :D I really do appreciate you offering your help, but Lately I haven't been putting too much effort into this game as I have too many IRL stuff keeping me busy, so I, as of now, am not comfortable with others helping. I must thank you for your...
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    [Poll] Which of the two Graphics Tablet should I Get?

    Hi ya, so as the title says. I've spent dozens of hours researching and had found these two that I liked but I'm having trouble deciding which one is better, as the both are said to have some bugs on them. Please input your vote if you recommend one of the two, or leave a comment if you got...
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    What is your Ultimate Goal?

    Become a Manga Artist To Create the best Manga Imaginable :D Become a game maker To Create the best game imaginable :D Go on a adventure IRL Because I love nature and would like to explore the world :D Annnd that's all hope ya enjoy.
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    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    Ah, thanks for telling me this, I will try changing the words to make it more sense. And as of now, I've changed the name of his weapon. And also, thank you for offering me your help :D Hahaha, the two was my inspiration...
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    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    Beatrix is actually the name of his weapon. The man's name is Dred. I did changed the name of his weapon prior to this comment, but I haven't update the page yet. I do have plans to get one of my family member to help me, but other than that, I'm stuck on my own.
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    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    Haha thanks :D I'm still making slow progress (Very slow) but rest assured I will finish it no matter how long it takes :D
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    My 3 Months of Art

    Ah no, yours words are great, it gave me an insight on how I should improve my art ^_^ I'm still somewhat new to shading and colouring, as I've only start to at the start of this year. I've never actually studied anatomy (So maybe that's why my character look so werid :D)
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    My 3 Months of Art

    When drawing (Anime) I tend to shy away from cutesy, I want to have a semi-realism feel to my art (Which I failed apparently)
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    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    That is exactly what I'm going for :D
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    Story of your life - What's your biggest regret?

    The thing is... my password is ridiculously long - 5-10 letters including numbs :D
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    What's The First RPG Maker Game You've Created?

    Your mapping actually looked really good compare to my, I've also fell into that newbie trap too, only recently I realize I have to create a more simple game :D This got me laughing nice one hahaha The battle system looks nice and fluent, you wrote it yourself? Its a nice starting demo...
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    What's The First RPG Maker Game You've Created?

    Alrighty, I don't know if a similar forum had already been made, but as the titles says, what is the first rpg maker game you've made? it can be unreleased, and made in any rpg maker program, screenshot is optional. My inspiration for this, was when I discovered my old created games, so here mine!
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    So, how is the sense of humor on your country?

    If you know us Aussie then I don't need to answer. Otherwise us Australians likes to turn insults into jokes.
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    Random Moments of RPG maker

    For me, I sometimes accidently pressed the esc key when editing events or in database causing me to instantly lose all progress :( But that was last updates and since gave warning :D
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    Your favorite animal.

    Budgie!!! I have them growing up, they're just so KAWAII that I can't hate but love them no matter what they do.

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