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  • With the new RPG Maker coming out(tho kinda soon for it), I here just wanna cheer myself up, despite being sick, and those ppl who need it too, with this old song that I wrote...

    Soldier on, Comrades
    As they have mentioned in the new official site, "We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our renewed, consolidated RPG Maker series portal site! We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to fans all over the world for your continued support of the RPG MakerWeb this many years!" It's like put all the products into macrocosm(did I use this word right, sorry I'm not English native speaker) of RPG Maker.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, this is like framework made in Unity right? Does that mean we can use C# as plugin/scripting??
    C# is what I've read people comment.
    Hi, how is everyone doing? I'm still weak and away..I hope to be good to be back to gamemaking soon..whether you recognise me or not, it's fine. Honestly, this is one of the corners of Internet, besides FB and YT and Lowyat that I keep coming back are all very expressive and empathetics and cheerful, in many ways, in many aspects. Take a very good care of yourself, alright.
    Today I'm weak. I'm really very weak. But I'll be back as I've never been before, more stronger...for now, let the dusts settle on this status. But I'll be back after these hurdles...
    I want to make breakthrough, I've been stagnant for nearly 1 and half decades. But I believe in magic. So that's why. I will be back.
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Whelp. I just burned my fingertips on playdough and gave myself blisters. Didn't realize that was possible but apparently that is a thing when making homemade playdough.
This semester I will teach and grade students at my university and the closer it comes the more nervous I become.
I don't know if having events (with comment) auto-erase themselves actually helps frame-rate.
How long does it take to get a classifieds thread approved?

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