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  • Picked up my new car today, well new to me anyway. It's a 2008 Nissan Rogue and best thing is it only has 58k miles.
    Experimenting with the DS and DS+ tilesets. Not sure if I am liking it yet or not.
    Hoping to make the deadline on the All Hallows Eve event. I'm about 25-30% through with the project. How's everyone else coming along?
    This All Hallows Eve Event is driving me crazy. Working on a fiction story of a non-fiction location. The research is giving me the creeps.
    I'm running behind on my All Hallows Eve project. Need to find some time to make it happen.
    Getting paid early and 50% off weekend couldn't be better timing. Picked up DS, DS+, Futuristic, and Samurai Packs. Thanks for running this sale! :)
    Wooooo, Thanks, we like making money :p

    Also, that is some cool stuff you picked up.

    Win Win
    My first attempt at some minor frankenspriting. It's not as difficult as it seems.
    It's very easy once you understand the process.
    I wish I didn't make things out to be more difficult then they should be. I've been hesitating starting a project because I feel I don't have enough prep work done.
    Good news of the day! Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is coming out Sept 10th! Can't wait!
    I'm kinda lost of which version of Fruity Loops Studio to even consider picking up. Didn't know music creation would have some many options.
    Fruity Loops 11: Producer has everything you'll need. Most of the plugins or Soundfonts you'd want you can get elsewhere, or free alternatives.
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    I have that FL 11 for about months now, still haven't got the time to install... hahahaha
    West Mains
    West Mains
    I use FLNine.

    It doesn't matter really. It's how well you can use it that counts.
    Good evening everyone! I've had a semi productive evening on prepping for a project and going to get into full swing tomorrow! Can't wait to get enough done to show it to the community.
    HiFive! (Get it? WiFi, HiFi-ve?)
    Example of why I didn't have a productive day.
    Starting tomorrow I am finally having some free time for RPG Maker. Hooray for me! Time to start putting some ideas into motion.
    Yay! Free time to use in an endless spiral of 'WHY YOU NO WORK!?!'

    At least that seems to be my experience...
    Finally have a weekend off! Gonna give pixel art and/or parallax mapping a try. :)
    Learning I should read everything thoroughly instead of just skimming through the information.
    Hoping my current work schedule doesn't change so I can start getting back into making some progress on my projects.
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It's almost 3 month and this piece of drawing is still not finished yet.

Really busy with other stuffs like commission and coping with personal problem.
Stella & Elyune, maybe used for promotional art if my game project finished one day.
My ex put my heart upon a self he said don't give me no lines and keep my hands to myself :,(
An Old... old Harold | RPG Maker News #71

Did a test on myself and I was negative on COVID. I was sitting near my aunt the whole time while doing stuff.

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