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    [PAID] NPC Bot Plugin Request

    So far I've been solo developing a simulator game and came to the point where I'd use help. I would like to have a plugin that would allow players to chat with an npc via text input. Here I've recorded my game play showing how I see plugin in action: Here on this gif "Player Types" keyboard...
  2. ptimiya

    RMMV Rainfall Tower - A Dark Souls Inspired Game

    The premise is catching. It also seems like your game will mostly benefit not from plot, or characters, but from having a great lore. Do include lore in every location, item, markings on clothing, equipment etc., so everything is interconnecting and storytelling.
  3. ptimiya

    RMMV Killer Gin (STEAM Early Access), RPG with Voice acting and a Dating and farming mini-game!)

    What I would love to see in this game: assign keys to modes (fertilizing/watering etc) for smoother gameplay. Instead of having select choices upon clicking the button, have multiple buttons for each individual action. Also, for the tutorial - don't try to put all the information right away. You...
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    Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    Does anyone knows how to increase spacing between items in Icon Inventory and Details Window plugin? I'm using bigger icons (96px), thus icons end up layered on a top of each other? Thanks!
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    Growling Garden

    Thanks guys!!! Thought this one is fun to share - sketch of one of the npc's. Will be polished and stuff ^^
  6. ptimiya

    January Goals & Progress Thread

    No specific goals for this January, besides of not wasting any time! For 2017 - there's so much art I gotta do for the game that it's scaring me. Planing to release a game demo. Seriously, can't wait for that. Although I don't wan't to pressure myself into putting out the complete game this...
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    Gloaming Woods - a Surreal/Fairytale Adventure

    Ah I love these kind of settings!
  8. ptimiya

    Growling Garden

    New Screenshot I decided to draw unique sprites that won't be repeating in a game - instead of having one-two tree sprites and copy-pasting them all over the scene, each object in game will be unique. This approach takes a lot of time, so we'll see if I keep doing that. PS: Happy New...
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    Growling Garden

    I was actually thinking of doing that, only to fill not with color, but to make it more lit with light when you come close to interactive object. If I'll decide to implement it (depending on how many objects in game i'll have and if that will affect game's performance ), it will be done on the...
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    Growling Garden

    Thanks! I'll pass the compliments to the musician. The natural choice to fit such art style would be indeed, an instrumental music; but I'm a sucker for good electonic/idm :)
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    Growling Garden

    Thank you! Here is the main theme for Growling Garden written by Zerocrossing:
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    Growling Garden

    Thanks! I'll try to make the gameplay as interesting as graphics look :P   Will be asking for for ppl's feedback and ideas soon.
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    Growling Garden

    Glad it got you interested :) Yeah t's an early development and I don't want to show anything that is a subject to change. Mostly you'll be doing puzzles, battling monsters and experiencing a twisted story. No, not yet. Thank you :)
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    Growling Garden

          Follow:                              Growling Garden is an eerie story that combines elements of RPG, Adventure and Puzzle games. This is my second game after Back to Felix and I plan for this project to be somewhat bigger. Speaking about bigger - sprites will be much...

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