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    Standardized Damage

    I found the issue :D  It was indeed part of a script, the damage was reduced by 10% when taken from the face but increased by 10% when taken from behind (I'm using a grid based battle system). Thanks for the answers!
  2. Puebeck

    Standardized Damage

    Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to standardize damage without any variations to them. I've tried setting the variance of each skill to 0 but they still change occasionally. I also find that enemy defense still influences the damage done to them, even if the damage formula is given...
  3. Puebeck

    [RELEASED] LeTBS 0.4

    Hiya Lecode! I've been playing around with your script for a bit and there are some things that would make my game even more awesome.  - Friendly fire: adds a lot of strategic depth to a combat situation.  - Configurable selection menu in combat: although the current one works really...
  4. Puebeck

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

    Hi Khaus, I'm experimenting with your plugin for a bit and I had an idea for a suggestion (if it exists, plz tell me). In VXA I used to have a script that would loop 3-4 parallax images (could be 100 but why would you?), so that you can add moving objects to your background. Examples of this...
  5. Puebeck

    In-game saving

    I was wondering if people found the reason yet? It's been almost a week. I'm not having any luck finding the problem myself. EDIT: I solved the problem by updating the Lay-Meta System. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Puebeck

    The Border [Demo out now - 9/8]

    This looks really good! I'd love to try out a demo :D I love the idea of romance-able party members.
  7. Puebeck

    In-game saving

    Yessir! It just uploaded: It's a large file and I know how to reduce it's size, just haven't gotten around to it. (Namely, discard any sound tracks I'm not gonna use) EDIT: Additional information is that I removed...
  8. Puebeck

    In-game saving

    Here is a screenshot of the problem I get using that script. Sad thing is that the script isn't active yet at the time I save... I also made sure to allow saving, it was the first think I turned to :)
  9. Puebeck

    In-game saving

    I found a thread that describes my problem completely, but apparently I need to make a new post about it :) My game does not allow ingame saving. I can access the save menu and all, but when I select a save slot it just gives me a "denied" sound. Repeatedly trying to save gives the same...
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    In-game saving game isn't working

    I was wondering if this issue was ever resolved? I'm having the exact same problem and the script doesn't seem to work for me.
  11. Puebeck

    Tharkian Tales

    Haha, thx:D I don't think you found it yet, but there's a button to skip through the wall of text. If you hold SHIFT it should go much faster :)
  12. Puebeck

    Tharkian Tales

    Wow, thx for the feedback :D I'll work on the trees a bit, the problem I had with them is that, if there were too many of them the map would feel very... claustrophobic. I'm also kind of confused as to what you're getting at, you tell me there is too much text, but that the concepts aren't...
  13. Puebeck

    Tharkian Tales

    I've uploaded a demo version so that you can test it. It's quite large though... I'll need to work on that...
  14. Puebeck

    Tharkian Tales

    Hi y'all, I'm fairly new to RPG maker and its community, so I thought I'd share my current project with you and hope to get some feedback. The name of the project is still subject to change, but Tharkia is the world it takes place in. Tharkian Tales Story Synopsis: Two characters travel the...
  15. Puebeck

    Stat distribution

    Hi there, I really like your script, it does exactly what I want, but the problem is that I don't have MP in my game, at all. Is there a way to remove it without modifying the script (as you've made it clear that that isn't allowed)?

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