Just your average RPG Maker enthusiastic who always aims too high when attempting to start a new project (and thus hasn't finished any of them so far). I started with RPG Maker 2000 and have tried pretty much every product in the series from that point forward, but it was only RPG Maker MV that rekindled my enthusiasm.

You can find me commenting on the various sections of forums and occasionally also offering advice, but I hope to publish a demo some time in the future as well.
July 8
Southwest Finland
About Me
A dreamer, a drifter and a RM dabbler
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My projects:
Our Adventure - joint project with Zelgadis85 / IGMC 2018 contest entry
Fate is Fickle - TBA



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JRPG TextBox HTML - Part 2:
So I'm resuming work on the Shadowstar Trilogy. I've decided that it will take place between the end of G4 and the start of G5, and two of the Lost Rulers will be Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer (who is the moon princess in my AU).
Been working on some sprites, My favorite out of all of them is this guy, his name is Moss:

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