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    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    I, sadly, do not like vanilla coke. Though I do like cherry coke.
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    Strawberrycat24's data dump (and Customs)

    I love your style! It's so clean and refreshing!
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    Lune Message System

    Interesting. Looks very nice and easy to use too.
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    JP Vs US RM Games

    I don't think either side has major differences, small yes but not major. It also depends on what styles the creator likes too.
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    Sapphire Action System IV

    Just curious, what happens if you try to use more than one person?
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    ReStaff December 2012 Release!

    I think there is a potential to do a full Pokemon like game now.
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    [UPDATED] HaruAkira's sketchbook!

    Really nice job! O.O
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    Vision Spire Infini (Updated! Demo available)

    The lighting is amazing but on the screenshot with the Valkyrie, the Valkyrie should be in front of the tiles so I would position the picture above that. With the valkyrie behind, it looks awkward.
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    Basic Mouse System + Addons

    Then I will patiently wait untl its updated! :D
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    Games that made you cry.

    For me it was probably Bastion or um...Final Fantasy X. Even the good ending is a bit sad.
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    Ace Generator Add-on Parts(Now with Face Parts!)

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. I've downloaded and am using all that is available.
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    Basic Mouse System + Addons

    This worked well except for battles. I'm using Symphony so maybe its that but I couldn't select enemies properly or back up unless I pressed escape. If possible, I'd like it so that you could chose an option such as "Skills" then click an enemy to attack but if you needed to go back then just...
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    Battle Engine Symphony

    I'm loving this system! Just having a few issues setting up skills but nothing I can't handle...I think.
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    XS - Menu Delux

    It does! Thank you! :D
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    XS - Menu Delux

    The screenshot. I don't know if its me or what but it isn't displaying a picture, just "posted image".

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