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  1. RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    Looks like it's being delayed. This is probably tied to the bugs we've heard about, and hopefully they drop that 180 day system, as well. Source:
  2. RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    So does anyone have anything to say about this?
  3. RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    I agree with the sentiment of working in limitations. I started work on a game in PC MV but when I heard the switch version was coming out so I changed where I would develop. The just a hobbyist, anyway, so being able to build or port to phones or anything like that isn't of interest to me. Its...
  4. RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    I'm actually interested in trying out the Maker Player, but it doesn't look like it's in the Japanese eShop yet.

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I'm having toooo much fun designing the new MP (Mental Psyche) system. I've only worked it out for enemies so far, but it's fun to stun them, then go after their MP and delete them instead to farm for better item drops.
anyone know of a place I can promote my game? sorta like game awards but for indie devs, like a place where I can drop a trailer and like stir up some hype
Doing RPG Maker News for 17th October 2021

That moment when you came up with a very good game title, but when you searched it, it has already been used... T.T
Crazy week. My anxiety decides to go nutz. Worse thing about it is that it causes me to lose focus on my work. I was able to leave early one day and take a nap. Seemed to help. How is everyone? Boosters coming soon here. Get my life back on track again.

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