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    Thank you so much for making this plugin and working on the add-ons. A small issue i have had encountered is that the card previews in...
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    Triple Triad Introduction This is the Triple Triad Plugin for MZ!, For those who never played, here is a big chance, it puts the card...

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Signed a lease on a new place today. Back into town, closer to shops, family and takeaway - none of those could be a good thing! 10 days to moving date.
let me introduce you to my worlds source of "wool". A pretty simple-minded, easily scared and mostly blind, double-headed big wooly bird thingy :D Children may be able to ride on a trained one, but they don't support the weight of adults, so they aren't suitable for transportation. And herders use the shown tool to give them sound commands
This Life is a Dream is in full production! More pics and some free promo assets coming soon!
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i need to ask do you mind sending me a link to tutorial town an legend of ancients Please My new Email is necroboy1973@gmail.com
I Am A Member On The Site Here As Well If Your Still teaching Let Me Know Thanks Joseph

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