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    Force Select/Highlight Actor 1 (Actor specific Scene)

    Hey there everyone, I encountered another problem when making a Menu/Interface heavy game. (´・ω・`) My game has a kinda huge amount of actors in the party, with Actor 1 being the only one to be able to change classes. I don't want Players to be able to see the Class Change Scene with the...
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    Making a 2nd Gacha Scene that uses Variables instead of Gold as Currency

    Uh, Hey there everyone. (*´・ω・)ゞ So, i am using the official Gacha Plugin from the RPG Maker 1.1 Update what i want is a Second Gacha Scene that uses Custom Currency like a Variable. :rswt: If i were to make a copy of the Gacha Plugin, what lines in the Plugin would i have to change...
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    Timed Attack: Wheel

    Would appreciate a version with a Y button graphic in place of the Z button. For all the people with european QWERTZ keyboards. :rswt:
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    Shadow Partner

    This Plugin might be something that i would find really useful for my project A suggestion from my side, I would need the option to be able to use a different Battler graphic instead, kind of like summoning the Shadow/Ghost of someone else. (if possible) Nonetheless, you did a great...
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    whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    I was i need of a mop, Yoyo and a cat paw as a weapon. Will probably use some of the other weapon animations as well. Thanks a lot!
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    Looking for a portrait by Soramani

    Hey there everyone. Theres a single resource i'm missing from Soramani's website since he seems to have closed his website (but the resources are still there but hidden). Anyway, i'd really appreciate it if someone who still has the portrait of this character would post it here. Thanks in...

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