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    Puru's Artworks

    @Nivlacart Aww thank you so much! I'm very happy to read that :kaocry: I'll keep working hard :kaosalute:
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    A Nivlacart of Art! dump

    Ooo your art is so great! :o I love your coloring style :kaojoy:
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    Aww, that looks so nice! Thank you so much!!

    Aww, that looks so nice! Thank you so much!!
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    Awww omg, thank you very much you two!!

    Awww omg, thank you very much you two!!
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    Parallax Mapping Script

    Most if not all of Yanfly's download links are dead, so you should check out the github links or whatever is under the download link, as these should work Here is the one for the parallax lock
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    Guiguimu's Resources

    I agree with everyone, your backgrounds are so pretty!! :kaocry:
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    Puru's Artworks

    @richter_h I think we met on RPG Maker discord, maybe thats why... And thank you for the seal! :kaopride: @Poryg @IguanaGuy Interesting...... *writes down "Weaknesses: Cat girls"* :MV3: (and yes, she's a fox girl, just to confirm it^^)
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    Puru's Artworks

    Weak........ :VXA3: jk jk, congratulations to you and your many wives!! :XP1C: @starlight dream Indeed drawings of guys are rarer, I fell into that habit too, thats why I'll remind myself to draw more from now on^^ I'll keep working hard:kaosalute:
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    Puru's Artworks

    @Rhino Thank you soo much! :kaocry:As to the questions I use Paint Tool Sai^^ I change my brushes often and I also like to experiment with different brushes, but these are the ones I use the most It can be very different, sometimes it takes me like a day, sometimes a week, it depends on how...
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    Puru's Artworks

    @Windows i7 Thank you for the criticism, I'll be sure to watch out about that :kaosalute: @IguanaGuy Thank you so much, reading this made me so happy! I want to open a shop sor sure someday, still gotta prepare for it, so if I'm ready and open it, surely I'll let y'all know about it^^ And now...
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    Message without stopping the player from moving?

    You could use this, I think it should do what you want
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    Is This Pixel Art?

    The faceset and the monsters seem to be pixel art, yes About the background/battleback: its done in 3D render, but if you cant do 3D, I think adapting that style might be possible if you learn how to copy and adapt it for your work, basically do studies. So i think doing battleback in that...
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    Amy's Artwork

    All of your art is so nice and amazing! I love your style very much :kaoluv:
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    Title Screen Buttons Clickable by mouse?

    This mouse script works well doing what you want (clicking on buttons in title screen with mouse)
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    Puru's Artworks

    @Thomas Smith Thank you very much!! :kaocry: I'll open a shop someday for sure!^^ (and you can get good too, as long you work for it! You can do it!! :XP1C:) @Zebestian I have been drawing since kindergarten, just never took it seriously until 8-9 years ago^^ It makes me happy to read that...

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