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  1. Easy way to make land vehicle with eventing

    marcelox -> Your very welcome. :)
  2. Apellonyx Survival system help!

    Thank you very much, that works very well. :D
  3. Apellonyx Survival system help!

    Hey guys i really need some help and i cannot begin to explain how pissed off i am right now. I would like to now if it is possible to move a variables in the image towards the red line on the right of it? I am using Vx Ace and this is where i got the script from -  EDIT: i am using version...
  4. Equip menu help!

    Wow i was totally not expecting that! :D thankyou very much. It works great.
  5. Equip menu help!

    I think i might just leave it at the bottom still. EDIT: there should be some space left.
  6. Equip menu help!

    Oops, i just realised yeah. i just wanna remove the stats box lol.
  7. Equip menu help!

    Is that Rukia Kuchiki as your profile picture?
  8. Equip menu help!

    ok cool thank you. :D
  9. Equip menu help!

    Hey guys i am making an Island Survival game in VX ACE and i was wondering if it were at all possible to get rid of the boxes inside the red box overlays in this image? -> And replace it with this ? -> 
  10. Easy way to make land vehicle with eventing

    Hi everyone i am not sure where to put this could you let me know thank you. Anyway here is what i wanted to share with everyone, seeing as i have noticed that many people have asked how to make land vehicles and i have only found two which i could not get to work. So using eventing i made...
  11. VTS Enemy HP Bars

    Ok thank you very much here is a link to where i got it from -->> EDIT: How come it is not acceptable to posts scripts in spoilers? I it a copyright issue?
  12. VTS Enemy HP Bars

    Yeah its VX ACE and here is the script -  EDIT: Sorry Shaz im still knida new to this site and how it all works.
  13. VTS Enemy HP Bars

    Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone knows how to move the Boss HP Bar on the Y axis. Here is a picture -> 
  14. Skip fight/Ecape menu during battle.

    Thankyou for the help i might try that actually. :D

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