I'm a hobby game maker that has worked on small projects throughout the years like small 3D action platformers, 2D top down games, online multiplayer games using PHP and Flash, and tabletop RPGs. Since I usually work on my own these days, I usually work on all aspects of a game or use a lot of premade assets. My ideal focus is usually on design, art, and writing with a bit of project management too. I would love to find someone to partner up with that loves the coding/scripting/programming side of things (I'm capable, but super slow) that also shares the same aesthetic and thematic goals.

I've always wanted to make the sorts of RPGs that the RPG Maker franchise helps with but I sort of kept away from it because I'm primarily run a Mac. Now that RPG Maker MV is here and I can make games on my Mac and share with all sort of platforms, I'm excited to be joining this community.

For the time being, I'll probably just be a lurker while I get my feet wet using RPG Maker MV, but I can't wait to share my work and to play more RPG Maker games now that people will have an easier way to share with Mac users like me.

RPGs, Adventure Games, Indie Games, Music, Illustration, Writing
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I wonder if there's ever been an art challenge that involves drawing faces from the generator.
I'm sorry about earlier. I have the most hate and the most love for my art at the same time. Felt bad about my thread because I wasn't listening, and because I made it out of a bad mindset to begin with. S'another Thursday for me.

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