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    how do you make a tutorial on the battle system?

    since i'm considering having a battle system for my game, i should have a bit of a tutorial to show you the ropes. but then i find it kind of hard to understand the commands in the battle system, so i wonder how you make tutorials like in OFF
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    can someone simplify how elements work?

    i I don't seem to get the first part but thank you, I seem to understand a bit now
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    can someone simplify how elements work?

    I'm still not sure how elements work in 2k3 the only thing I know about them is that the letter symbolizes how strong they work against who is weak against that specific element?
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    an idea that I want to have in the game

    well what I want to make is that a character can change its moveset from only attacking one enemy to all the enemies on the screen, and vice versa I've thought of using the change actor class event but that doesn't seem to work, since when I use it outside of battle it crashes the game, and...
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    an idea that I want to have in the game

    as I'm making a game with only three characters, I want to spice up the third character by giving it the power to switch forms from, attacking one enemy with heavy damage, and the other form dealing damage to everyone I feel like I've already figured it out, but I still don't exactly know how...

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