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    Silver's Dash Stamina

    Thanks Shaz, your fix seems to be working fine so far. I appreciate the response since i really like this script and the author seems to be MIA of late.
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    Silver's Dash Stamina

    Love your plugin hope your still around to update it since it seems with the new upgrade to rpgmaker 1.3 and the pixi upgrade im getting pixi error in the console which i guess is do to the recent upgrade. Here's my console log if it helps.
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Not sure if this is a bug related to your script or the new upgrade to rpgmaker mv with the pixi upgrade just figure id post it here since it occurs if your script is enabled and a plugin parameter is changed. Rpgmaker  Version 1.3 Plugin Name: Yep_CoreEngine v1.16 Bug...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Thanks Yanfly, Love the latest tip & trick paralyze makes a usually way overpowered state finally viable for my project. Keep the tips and tricks coming they add so much value and have given me quite a few new ideas of doing things with javascript inside the various lunatic tags.
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

      Bug Report  Skill Cooldowns \\ <SType x Cooldown Rate: y%> tag not working right. Plugin Name: Skill Cooldowns Bug Explanation: When using <SType x Cooldown Rate: y%> on a piece of equipment it is ignoring the counter all toghethor and going straight to 0 no matter how how the...
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    Average stats gained from equipment when dual wielding?

    In RPGmaker MV, Im curious if anyone has figured a way to average the stats gained from equipment when dual wielding using yanfly plugins or any other method they may know off. I just can't seem to come up with a viable workaround in my head and can't seem to find much in that department when...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Bug Report  Absorb Element Tag not working properly. Plugin Name: I believe issue is in damage core. Bug Explanation: Absorb element tag isn't working properly Error Report: N/A Exact Steps on How to Replicate Bug: Go to battle test and simply attack I have the enemy with absorb...
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    How To Make Weather Effects Last (somewhat) Forever?

    There is a version of the weather script for vx ace just go to the tabs at the top and go to downloads and VX ACE and scroll through the list of plugins its the weather one there as well. Additionally, the script directions can be translated with online translator Portuguese to English on how to...
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    How To Make Weather Effects Last (somewhat) Forever?

    Try checking out some of the weather scripts then you wont even need to use a loop youll have much better control of weather effects plus way better then the default weather which is kinda ugly heres one you should check out.
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    How can I add state considering target's state rate in Yanfly action sequence?

    couldn't say if you get an error when you type it and not when you paste my code..... maybe you made a typo lol not sure but if it works it works. The biggest thing with eval: is the entirety of the code needs to be on 1 line even though above it appears on two the auto formatting on...
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    [semi-solved]how to add element to a.gainHP(value)?

    Try this first as per your description you need 3x damage if fire based. so you need a react effect tag. Basically it checks if the skill uses the element id you assigned an if so multiply by 3. Next the damage tick with the regenerate tag. Now this block cannot access the enemy stats as far...
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    How can I add state considering target's state rate in Yanfly action sequence?

    Your questions a bit confusing but ill take a shot at it. Basically your trying to use javascript functions in YF action sequences in order to do so you need to use an eval tag like this:          EVAL: javascript here.....     Now one way to add the state based on the enemy target's state...
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    Block damage, like when using a shield

    I use something like this its a bit more elaborate this adds a chance to block, flat value reduction, and a percentage damage reduction; furthermore, I use have it so if user is afflicted with certain other states it modifies those values like say a cripple state reduces block chance and value...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    That's strange it should work. Just to make sure you have your weapons notetag box with this:       <Passive State: x>    X should be whatever the state # is And the other bit of code I listed should be in the notebox for that X state.   Your state should have the -3% hp regen param or...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    EliteFerrex, Try something like this.   Place this in the state notebox <Custom Passive Condition> condition = false; if ($gameParty.inBattle()) { condition = true; } </Custom Passive Condition> Should only appear in battle then with this bit of code.

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