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    What is your fovorite aspect of game creation?

    I've always been fond of puzzle-solving, so working on game mechanics is one of my favorite things. If I can find a script for it, amazing! But if I don't, I do a lot of tinkering and eventing to achieve what I want. Sometimes I work more on this than the actual game itself ;-;
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    Why RPG Maker?

    What drew me to RPG maker is the amount of free assets you're given from the get-go. I was overwhelmed, but also really impressed by what a newbie could do with this engine. The learning curve isn't too steep and it's pretty easy to throw something together. This suited me when I was younger...
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    Your Favorite Thing to do in Games?

    I love exploring the environment and seeing the character's interactions with everything. It's a great way to passively show character personalities and see how they view the world around themselves. Another thing is the NPCs. If they're well-written (or, at the very least, have interesting...
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    Script for multiple inventories for RPG maker vx ace

    The Inventory Secure script by TheoAllen might help you
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    yikes good luck!

    yikes good luck!
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    same here, but thankfully the semester is going to be over in a month for me

    same here, but thankfully the semester is going to be over in a month for me
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    How long do you think a demo should be?

    I'm thinking about releasing a demo soon, but I'm conflicted on how long it should be. Some people say that it shouldn't be longer than an hour, but I've played demos that were roughly two hours and wasn't put off by them. My question is what it says in the title: how long should a demo be?
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    Wow I'm really loving that watercolor effect you're using!

    Wow I'm really loving that watercolor effect you're using!
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    Honestly, I want to make a game that makes players feel immersed and question everything. A...

    Honestly, I want to make a game that makes players feel immersed and question everything. A story that keeps them on their toes the whole time, so when they think they're safe, they're hit by a new chunk of information. Things like when they replay, they go, "Oh! The plot twist was so obvious...
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    RMMV A Bitter Destiny (Working Title) - Playable Demo, Political Themes, Some Swearing

    1. I really like the idea of blood and stamina! To be fair, HP and MP are just another way of saying life and energy, so it's not too far off. 2. Also the Exhaustion system is very creative and I liked how you regenerated all your stamina after it. You can definitely use it in fights against...
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    RMVXA Your character in my game!

    Character Name - Lionel Gender - Male Class - 3rd Year Eye Color - Red Hairstyle and Hair Color - short black hair with a widow's peak Personality - Acts like a snob, but in reality, he's too socially awkward to talk to people and is incredibly shy. He wants to make friends, but his...
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    Filling in a plothole...siege defense vs. talking to people

    4) Maybe the town believes the castle is haunted or incredibly dangerous and they discourage anyone from trying to enter there. The protagonist is a travelling stranger and she's used to fighting monsters, so the townsfolk think she can handle herself there.
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    How can men write compelling female characters?

    1. What do you think makes a good female character? A good female character is one whose personality doesn't overly focus on gender stereotypes. If anything, the biggest thing is to make sure that they're a solid personality on their own first. Considering your reviewers don't seem to have a...
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    Heavily Story-driven game

    The important thing is to showcase your entire game as story-heavy because some people can come in, expecting something else. I see the word "long cutscenes" and it makes me pause a little because that seems a little overwhelming for a whole game. Be sure to balance out gameplay and story...

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