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  • It has been almost a year since I have last talked to you regarding the translation plugin.

    Speaking of it, can you please provide to me a sample project containing your plugin so that I can study it and implement the plugin's features to my project?

    And what do the functions ODW.MLS.getCurrentIndex() and ODW.MLS.getCurrentCode() do in your plugin?
    Your answer in the official plugin thread. Feel free to PM me instead of writing on my status, it will be more efficient. :ewink:
    r66r, can your Multi-Language System plugin support image-based translation?

    Just want to ask it in case I want to use it in my games...

    Hi @TenraiEmiko.
    Sorry for the late reply which you will find in the official plugin thread. Thanks also for using this thread instead of my profile to ask for support. I don't get notifications here.
    Have a nice day.
    For my 100th post, I wanted to thank this forums community for the generosity and respect that each of you show.

    I'm always impressed when I see the 6x veterans (in number of years compared to my presence here on these forums) continue to help and support all the community members on a daily basis, the awesome artists who share their creations with so much passion...
    State of the Art: 7 months after the "Touch the Stars" game jam.

    Me: Cool! I've already made 10 plugins to improve my game and make it the best!
    Friend: Wow! impressive... Can I test your game?
    Me: No.
    Friend: Why?
    Me: There are still no maps.
    Friend: Sorry, but ... do you really aim to make this game?

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AAAGH... I hate navigating the new RPG Maker website!
Forgive my rudimentary video editing skills, thought I'd start sharing progress on my status posts as well. Here's the second character of my roster, Mǽlhafoc, the Ælven ranger.

And if you missed the first one many moons ago, here's Vilhelm, the tarnished knight.
Knocked through three more rough draft sprites. (A frog beast thing, a skeleton, and vampire bat) down to seven sprites and a thing more appropriately done as tiles.

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