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  • r66r, can your Multi-Language System plugin support image-based translation?

    Just want to ask it in case I want to use it in my games...

    Hi @TenraiEmiko.
    Sorry for the late reply which you will find in the official plugin thread. Thanks also for using this thread instead of my profile to ask for support. I don't get notifications here.
    Have a nice day.
    For my 100th post, I wanted to thank this forums community for the generosity and respect that each of you show.

    I'm always impressed when I see the 6x veterans (in number of years compared to my presence here on these forums) continue to help and support all the community members on a daily basis, the awesome artists who share their creations with so much passion...
    State of the Art: 7 months after the "Touch the Stars" game jam.

    Me: Cool! I've already made 10 plugins to improve my game and make it the best!
    Friend: Wow! impressive... Can I test your game?
    Me: No.
    Friend: Why?
    Me: There are still no maps.
    Friend: Sorry, but ... do you really aim to make this game?

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It's all over! ep 27 now I got find some other long RPG to play, any reccomendations?
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I need some of whatever you've been drinking for the last few weeks!
Although I love your awesome tutorials and always want more, I sure hope you're not going to burn yourself out.
Has anyone else ever thought about how the title of Gym Leader is usually hereditary? Usually the gym leaders child or sibling becomes the next gym leader. Not always, but usually. Pokémon nepotism
I have a new profile photo and I'm loving the heck out of it! Thanks @Finnuval :kaopride:
Finally sat down and made a template of my world map in Inkarnate. Now to translate this to MV.

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