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    Localization - Translate your project into several languages

    Thank you for the answer. It works perfectly well. And I think I found where my issue were from.
  2. r66r

    Localization - Translate your project into several languages

    A really useful and very complete plugin to manage my multilingual games. One question: Do you intend to allow some control characters from the original engine, such as "\.", "\|", "\!" or "\^"? They are useful to bring more dynamism to the message text. In any case, thank you already for your...
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    LunaTechs MV/MZ Plugins & Tools

    Hello. Thanks for your plugins collection. They're really great. A small remark however concerning the "Luna Game Pause" plugin: the text area is not really centered in the window, and a little too narrow to display a long text. The good news is that with a few small improvements in the...
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    Ignis Text Database

    Perfect, I'll share all this as soon as I'm done with the translations of the texts generated by default when creating a new game. On the other hand, I discovered a new issue, more complex this time I think. Apparently, the text evaluation doesn't take into account texts with regexp parameters...
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    Ignis Text Database

    I really needed a plugin to translate my games, which is why I tested this one with interest. And it really delivers on those promises. For fun, based on a freshly created game, I was able to translate: Actors (name, nickname, profile) Classes (name) Skills (name, description, messages) Items...
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    Obfuscating Code

    As a newbie on RPG Maker (only 9 months that I got my hands on it), let me share my point of view. I really don't mind that VS plugins are obfuscated, because: I trust the team behind the VS plugins. They seem to have a long history with RPG Maker and have greatly contributed to improving our...
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    [MV] Best way to set up common events for a game with a time system? (Persona Style Mock Up)

    Hi! I think you would have to separate the common event that manages time from the action itself. In a similar system that I'm trying to develop, I manage a common event that determines the time and date (based on variables, like you). At each map, I add a local event that allows me to reset...
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    What to do before you make your RPG

    I think, the most valuable tip from this thread! :rtear: EDIT: Joking aside, may I suggest another tip about plugins? I may be new to RPG Maker, but with many years of working with some well-known web CMS and their plugin ecosystems, I can say that the process to follow with plugins is quite...
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    What to do before you make your RPG

    Yes, thank you very much for these tips. In other words, is it better to prototype our maps with RTP material and a few basic DLC tilesets/sounds to make the first playable version, and after everything has been tested and approved (mechanics, battles, etc.), refine our creation by changing or...
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    New to RPG Maker Forums, but not RPG Maker Software

    Hi Anirath. So welcome (back) to RPG Maker :ewink:. Like you said, it's really fun to create and explore new things. Sometimes it's hard to find the right things to do, but if it allows us to escape the daily routine of work and have fun, then let's do it. See you soon on other threads.
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    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    Sorry, I realize that I wasn't very clear, indeed. In fact, I was just proposing to add two files of type CREDITS.TXT and TERMSOFUSE.TXT in the deployed package in order to inform users of the game. But I realize now that it may be more judicious to put links in the game to web pages that...
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    Hello everyone

    Sure, we had fun... even if at the end of the month I had to take a break from the game and RM due to some songs getting me crazy (RMMV Theme6, you're the one I'm talking about...).
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    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    Hi! Seeing some activities in this thread means that I'm not too late to share some thoughts. :ehappy: As a complementary subject of the section "Team Projects", I think it could be useful to specify the rules with projects shared with VCS tools like GitLab, GitHub and their friends. As an...
  14. r66r

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. I am Rafa'L (aka r66r). I've been active in the digital world for many years now and like to spend my free time in creating, drawing and especially dreaming (playing) fantasy (SciFi too). I began RPG Maker only at the end of last year for the good reason that I wanted to do a...

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