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    Storage Boxes

    is there a way of a conditional branch to find out if an item is in a box. Ex: I have Item #1 in box 5 and want to set up a conditional branch to complete a quest if I removed #1? Thanks again great work !!!! R>P
  2. radicalpain

    Lune Item Weight

    awesome script! I would love to use it but having issues with it working with my other scripts :( R.P
  3. radicalpain

    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    Thanks a lot. Yea I managed to get shift working so I think it is the script I am using won't work with it as I changed it to "F" instead of "N1" and still a no-go.
  4. radicalpain

    Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    awesome work wolf. I was planing on using this script for a game I am developing but have some issues. I do apologize if you have stated this before but I went through the forum and didn't see it. I wanted to use numbers instead on letters for my out (R2=:N1) which is number one. It works with...
  5. radicalpain

    Basic Game Time + Night/Day

    Epic i will have to use this! Great Work! Survive ME
  6. radicalpain

    V's Variable Gauges Window v3.3

    Hey I wanted to use the variable script in my project. Survive ME Thanks Radical Pein

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