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    Favorite Old RPG

    Are we talking old or aging (psx/dreamcast)? Either way I have to give Guardian's Crusade some love. No idea why but I've replayed that game so many times without getting bored. It could be because it's my first PSX RPG, but who knows. As far as older RPGs, that's gotta go to the Phantasy...
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    Luchi's Resource gallery ( Updated 23/7/2014 )

    Wow I'm loving the defined features of Forde on his bust. The hell-hound and layout of the battle-backs are pretty cool too. Thanks for sharing miss awesome VX Mapper!
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    Game & Map Screenshots

    @jaypee The map is of a certain company's lobby, and it's made to look foreboding yet extravagant. Here's the CEO's room: And jaypee that map's not bad, but it could use other things that would be in a church to fill up some of the empty space like torch stands for lighting, as a quick example.
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    Game & Map Screenshots

    Just a quick map I threw together to test out some of Celianna's tileset:
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    Favorite RPG Character

    Favorite RPG character? Oh man...there are too many. Probably between Luke from TOA or Yuri from Shadow Hearts 1&2. Although...I really liked Capell from Infinite Undiscovery too; see, hard.
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    Thoughts on using Sample Maps [VX Ace]

    If it's better than what you can do or you just want to make a quick game for fun, then I say go for it. But, keep in mind that you can map pretty well with practice and feedback from those who know what they are doing. It's not really a skill you should avoid if you're serious about posting...
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    Community Characters

    As for me; I've always been using my first ever sprite as my community char; as seen below: Sprite By Me: Face by Kumi:
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    Need a sprite for your game? I will sprite for you! Disclaimer: Hookers only viable currency...

    Need a sprite for your game? I will sprite for you! Disclaimer: Hookers only viable currency upon transaction of sprites.

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