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    ... and sure she does. Of course you don't need a granny in your game to use those sprites, as long as they have a loving home ;3
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    Try saving this as a .js file and import as a plugin (untested): /*: * @target MZ * @plugindesc Make bushes completely hide a...

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Here is an work in progress (unfinished as of now) Music Album i'm making:

The songs are entirely made with this site:

Please tell me what you think about each song!
The game's already out there. Now what?
It has now gotten to the point where I need detailed excel spreadsheets to track where every individual enemy on the map is, what type of enemy they are and how many rooms you need to pass through to make them respawn.

I'm simultaneously proud of my diligence and would never wish this torture on even my worst enemies. :kaoswt2:
Variation two of my nameless protagonist- now with color!!

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