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  • GOT ending was good all sorts of closure and the "hero" riding off into the winter. What in the name of what are people mad about??
    That being said, I didn't really hate it but compared to how it started, the show clearly went downhill.
    What Dalph said. I'd also like to add that so many things were just completely forgotten and glossed over. What happened to the mystical horn found in season 2? Why did winter, repeatedly describes as lasting years, over in a day? No, it wasn't the Night King that brought winter, because they'd had winters without them arriving before. Bran's warg abilities and lore having zero impact. It goes on and on.
    ehh Galenmereth i never read the books and missed small details from season 2 o_O that being said... there`s a million possible small endings . makes no sense (to me) to want all of them thats all. Ya night king death was kinda dumb to me too... but meh glad with ending and that its all overrr TBC
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My new level features a Jellyfish character who cannot love, because he electrocutes everything he touches.
I prefer single roommates. After a hard day, all you want is sleep. I went to bed at 12. I was awakened at 2 because of my roommate laughing and whispering and stuff with her boyfriend on the phone. I didn't want to yell at her so I had to bear that cringy lovey dovey convo for half an hour, before I got so bored that I fell asleep again.
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And now I'm wondering if I only made progress in learning this engine because I was procrastinating on everything else I need to do...

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