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    Hey, this works perfect, but if I'm using this Android Studio project, external links doesn't work correctly. I call them by script in...
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    I is having a great day today! Positive vibes!
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    when ur done with that try Galvs Character Frames. that will keep u occupied ;)
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    Redid my earlier sprite completely from scratch, as I wasn't happy and a resolution oversight had been giving me a lot of problems. A...
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    No, not at all. You can learn to do a lot of things in a reasonably short time, but learning to do them well - to be skilled - takes...
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    Hi, I'm the writer of Jump into Javascript, so if you have any questions about it I'm your man! Just a heads-up that in my upcoming...
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    Joined these forums! Not been on a forum in like a decade.
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    Just launched my game on Itch.io website. The demo is free and the full game is only: $5,99. Let's go baby!! Here is the Link
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    indeed a classic . :LZYgrin::D:cool::rolleyes::oops:
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    Oooh lol, I see that's silly! XD
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    Does this have something to do with writing? I'm so confused!
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    hehe @Mushi
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    That is most reasonable! Good day.
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    It's amazing how many threads sit waiting in approval queues because people post them in Plugin Releases rather than Plugin Support or...
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    One day I will be like a pen! until then I must Pineapple and then possibly apple till I try pen again. ‍♂️

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Me, trying to playtest everything again: oh god just let me see the boss, my bag is so full of fish!
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You chad, thanks a lot for your plugins. You helped me costumize the buttons in my game.

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