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    Back Button as an image Help Please

    So thankyou for the reply and i added your code an it gave me an error saying that it wasnt a handler . here is the full code that will show a back button if that helps. i will add the full plugin page if that helps too. // Modify Scene_BookMenu to show our "Back..." menu...
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    Back Button as an image Help Please

    hi im using advanced Menu Plugin and im trying to change this code to show an image.The code Below works to show the Text i wrote in the plugin Cancel. // add "Back..." menu on top: this._statusWindowBackButton = new Window_StatusBackButton( Graphics.width - 240, 0)...
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    RPG Maker MV unofficial Android client with In-app Purchase

    any chance you can add a new project to the github that has a purchase link? Ehhh Great work thanks! gotta do more reading and mod adding!
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    ehhh how??? teach me Sensai!

    ehhh how??? teach me Sensai!
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    Rpg MV Leaders Score Board [Request]

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or make this plugin? how would you store a score board on a website Database for example mysql and show users scores on there? it would probably be exporting a score from variable X onto the WWW into a txt file? php file? Any Help or advice would be...
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    Original Character Contest II Submission Thread!

    Character Name: Prince Valoros
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    Failed to load image - Solution or work around

    I started searching months ago for a solution. I couldnt find one so here it is. I was using Moghunters awesome party mod but could never get it to work on mobile because it said Failed to load Image [X] even when i changed the name of the image to in this case MPMeter.png . Solution I went...
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    CGMV Message System

    hey nice plugin. can you make it auto name? or port this plugin?
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    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    i have an intro and if someone watches it i put $gameSwitches.value(401) before that i just switched the switch 401 on . for some reason . it keeps popping back up... And thankyou for your code... Now this is not working. im trying to tell the common event if someone watches the Achievement...
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    waynee95's Achievements Plugin

    hi great plugin. i need help getting the id of the achievement getting the common event please . i want to make an if condition. like if $gameSwitches.value(1) what do i use for if $gameAchievements.value(1) ? would that return an achievement with the id of 1 ? also to expand on this i`m...
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    Save/Load/Defeat - extra features (Auto Save, etc)

    nice thanks for fix! so far so good. gonna test on mobile see if it still works :aswt:
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    Save/Load/Defeat - extra features (Auto Save, etc)

    thats the error and the plugins i have are all off its just a test new rpg mv project.
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    where`s the stream?

    where`s the stream?
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    ehh Galenmereth i never read the books and missed small details from season 2 O.o that being...

    ehh Galenmereth i never read the books and missed small details from season 2 O.o that being said... there`s a million possible small endings . makes no sense (to me) to want all of them thats all. Ya night king death was kinda dumb to me too... but meh glad with ending and that its all overrr TBC
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    GOT ending was good all sorts of closure and the "hero" riding off into the winter. What in the...

    GOT ending was good all sorts of closure and the "hero" riding off into the winter. What in the name of what are people mad about??

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