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    Change Hero Battler Positions?

    Thanks for pointing this out.  I am, however, running into a snag.  By using this method, how would you separate the battlers from each other?  I can move them all as a group around the screen, but they are all clumped together.  I tried messing with the anchors for each character but their...

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Finished that egg-sitting mini-game I mentioned here a couple weeks back. Now to fix the weather system so it doesn't rain indoors while you're playing it. >.> A simple fix in itself; leave it to me to take it as an excuse to completely revamp the time/weather/lighting system from scratch.
I'm really tempting to pre order cyberpunk 2077... should I do it or not :/ I really want to play the game but don't want to take a big hit to my saving because of it

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