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    Happy Holidays 2015

    Hi everyone, A tip I found very useful is to write a short story about your protagonists if you're stuck with character development. It doesn't have to be a part of your game's story, but it will help you to make clear, how your characters are reacting in certain situations. It definitely...
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Fantastic icons Avery ;) There wasn't a single day where I couldn't use anything from your icons. My favorite days are 6 and 7, the Harry Potter Icons give me a nostalgic feeling and I thought immediately that I have to play the first Harry Potter games for PC again. And the big icons from 7...
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    RPG Maker MV?

    Three layered mapping is really nice :D You can create more complex maps more easily. The other features are good as well. Also I'm really excited how the new RTP will look like. Definitely will keep an eye on this.
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Good as always :D One thing though, did you think about Lannisters when you were making the random stuff? ;)
  5. Raider

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Awesome! I really like the art style of YANTH in general, but this looks especially good. Keep up the great work :)
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    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    @Bear: Looks awesome! :D May I ask which tileset you used? Could this be the zombie survival pack?
  7. Raider

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    @DragonVine: I really like the structure of your houses, they're really good :) Although, I would try to set the entrance not just at the front side of the houses, a side entrance sometimes would break this "dollhouse" look. And you should add a few more plants on some grass areas, because...
  8. Raider

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Really good, and in my opinion much better than the previous version (although it was also very good). I don't see a thing to change, so, good map :D
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    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    Nice! I got a bit nostalgic while reading this. Definitely good news :) My favorite character from the RTP is Noah. I don't know exactly why I like him so much, I guess it's his mysterious, but also stylish appearance :D
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    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Pretty impressive :) The only thing I would change is, that I would reduce the amount of different trees. The variation suggests a very "forestly" feeling, but in my opinion there are a bit much different tree types. If you could reduce them, it would look more natural, at least in my opinion...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    I think it looks pretty good, but there's one odd thing though. You placed windows at the upper wall, but I'm assuming, that after this room, there will be a floor or even the throne room. So if it's not a very narrow corridor or something like that after this room, you could see into an other...
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    Pirates, Steampunk, Madness and Magic!

    Really nice packs, and also good that there are two complementary pirate packs :D The first thing I learned to do while making games was how to handle switches and variables, because I was told that I can't do really much without them. It took a while, but after I did understand them I felt a...
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    Good Graphics don't equal a good game, but that's an issue many people already wrote about...

    Good Graphics don't equal a good game, but that's an issue many people already wrote about. Sadly in the mass of rpg maker games you mostly have to use extraordinary graphics to get attention from people, who then might play your game.
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    Need some dirt for city tileset

    There is already a dirt Tile in the RTP on Outside_B. Also you could use some autotiles for example from Outside_A2 to create some "dirty tiles".
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    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    @Razelle: I really like your menu, I thinks it's individual and looks of course wonderful. I don't know how big your hero's graphic is, but if it's big enough I don't see any problem moving it a bit upwards. But if that's already the final size I would let it in it's space, because it would...

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