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    -CONTEST OVER- Help us come up with a new tagline!

    "Today, unity is in MV." -It rhymes. -Can be used if you guys are feeling bold enough to poke at the competitor (i.e. Unity) -The "unity" part represents MV's capability of cross-platform release--minus console, based on the information we've given so far. Something Unity also does, possibly...
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    July Goals & Progress Thread

    Yo :3 Time for an overdue progress report. I was going to post daily but yeah. Things happens :P Anyway, after finishing the groundwork of the world, story, and characters, I bumped into a massive roadblock--using multiple tilesets! (Uuuugh...) The problem is especially apparent since I use...
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    ...This'd be all the features I want, I think. Gonna start hunting resources tomorrow.

    ...This'd be all the features I want, I think. Gonna start hunting resources tomorrow.
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    July Goals & Progress Thread

    Alright guys, thanks for the tip :3 So my plan is to... y'know, Participating in the IGMC is a bonus, I guess :P
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    July Goals & Progress Thread

    Hi guys, rainmaru here. Mind if I jump in?  :D Right. So since I haven't made anything complete yet in the past decade, I decided that I'm gonna complete one this time. I set a deadline for myself of 2 weeks, starting from yesterday, July 23rd. I envision the project to be completed on August...
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    The Most Important Question: Vanilla Coke (The official be a little bit silly thread)

    Vanilla Coke? What's that? Is it a coke... sweet coke with aroma?

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