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    RMMZ [RPG Maker MZ] Where do those Area-of-Effect Damage delays come from?

    Sorry, looks like I'm just too frustrated from being judged like that. Since MV, I've been digging the Window_BattleLog functions, modifying setWaitCounts, messageSpeed function, adding new functional identity just for damage popups control, separating and/or parallleling the available damage...
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    RMMZ [RPG Maker MZ] Where do those Area-of-Effect Damage delays come from?

    I probably will dig that battleLog codes more. I already messing with messageSpeed and waitCount with unsatisfying result. "A frame is a spatial information within a quantified time interval" I've made a lot of frame-by-frame animations, so I facepalmed when this bomb analogue is failing A...
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    RMMZ [RPG Maker MZ] Where do those Area-of-Effect Damage delays come from?

    I guess seeing Yanfly's Battle Engine Core video here will clears some things up. Compare the damage delay between 0:35 and 2:28. That's what I'm talking about. @Andar I'll take note on that @TheoAllen Yes, I'm fully aware that you can't execute more than 1 operand at once. The problem is not...
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    The "Weird Lines in Windows" issue.

    I can't give direct answer, but this question may be useful. What happen if you try to resize it to 816 x 624? How about modifying screen height? RPG Maker MZ has the ability to center the window exactly to the center of the screen. This is a bliss for hi-res games, but can be a problem for...
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    RMMZ [RPG Maker MZ] Where do those Area-of-Effect Damage delays come from?

    The default RM MZ still has the same, head-scratching Area-of-Effect damage delay problem, already seen before in previous RPG Maker versions: if you use skill with All Enemies targeting and hit all enemies on the battlefield, the damage will be executed to the enemies one by one instead all at...
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    AoE vs Single Target Damage - Balance Discussion

    That's exactly the case in an elementless game; You can always go cast deadly Thunderstorm to Rubbersuit Troops. In a game with element based spell, you gotta make it so an element is not pointless as well as not overpowered. The way devs balance this is usually by mix-matching different...
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    AoE vs Single Target Damage - Balance Discussion

    Ahhh, thanks for the correction and pardon me for the bad calculation, I just realized that I multiply it with the single target damage formula :stickytongue: That also reminds me to discuss the importance of elements in the AoE damage balance. If there's any, elements should be able to prevent...
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    AoE vs Single Target Damage - Balance Discussion

    This is an interesting discussion. I'll try to not answer with "it depend on ...". My principle for balanced AoE is "A skill that is not going to be used/spammable if there is only single enemy attacking" So, about damage and for the sake of player sanity, I never reduce total AoE damage less...
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    How to set a limit for monsters?

    If I'm not mistaken, Moghunter's LMBS plugin doesn't mess with randomized/controlled encounter. However, it disable all functionality of Troops Event. If you use random encounter, you need Troops Event to setup the limit count. With it is being disabled with the LMBS plugin, the only way to do...
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    How to set a limit for monsters?

    Yeah, I agree with @bgillisp. This isn't easy by default, although it isn't impossible. So, before I jump to "plugin" as solution, I'd like to ask you to specify something: what is the definition of "area" here? Is it a region in a map? Or a map as a whole? When monster is attacking, is it a...
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    Akea Animated Battle System 2

    The one you are tinkering with is the setting for battle entry (that sprite movement during battle start). So no wonder it won't show anything. When freshly installed, this plugin has no default setting applied - not even a single movement. Hence to achieve your goal, the movement you mentioned...
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    [SOLVED] Race as an Element for Attacks

    I don't know if this even answer your question, but the infamous Dragon Quest JRPG series used that concept heavily in the form of race vs weapon since the player will always be human (e.g bird monsters are weak vs bow, beast monsters are weak vs spear, etc.). The same game I mentioned of course...
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    Running a common event each turn, for every actor and battler?

    From my experience it is possible to do this by using indirect parallel common event, thus avoiding serious lag. As far as I know, there are two ways to do this without plugin: Option 1: Let the common event to run in each turn by setting it in the Troop Event. The only problem with this...
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    What would happen in the worst case scenario of the pandemic

    @Dororo 2000 cases per day? Guess my country will take the crown from you lmao. 4000 cases per day here - and that total is actually still underestimated- and there are about another 200 million people out there to be infected. Hard to think this unrealistically. It is probably going to scale...
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    RMMZ About the new RMMZ TouchInput functions...

    FYI the code I modified (by adding || isTriggered) is the one controlling "Action Button" choice for activating event. @Hudell I highly agree with your opinion, since I've used the very same code for RMMV - isTriggered, isReleased, etc should not exhibit such behavior. And I've tested it...

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