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    Ignis Text Database

    Thanks friend! I used a lot on MV from lavra, so it was very useful for me back then! :yhappy: Thanks friend! So about the word wrap, it should work, but it depends on where the coder of the wrapper makes the "wrap". So if he somehow makes it before I replace the text with the one on the json...
  2. Raizen

    Akea - Battle Cry

    Thanks so much for working on this for Akea, this is literally my favorite add-on for battle! Do you have the audio files?
  3. Raizen

    Ignis Text Database

    Ignis Text Database Introduction This plugin allows you to save any text from the game on JSON files, this allows some big advantages over storing them on the RPG Maker editor: * MUCH easier for translating (You can have multiple files and swap them with plugin commands) * Easy for others to...
  4. Raizen

    Ignis Item & Gold Pop-up

    Now it does xD, check out if the new version works nice for you :ywink: , I've added as a plugin command.
  5. Raizen

    Akea Custom Gauges

    Akea Custom Gauges Introduction Customize all battle gauges! You can have different gauges for different battlers! You can add custom gauges, or traditional gauges like hp, mp, atb... , you can put it above, below battlers, on the hud, on the screen, you call it :) How to Use Just insert the...
  6. Raizen

    Ignis Item & Gold Pop-up

    Ah oops It was a more plug n' play plugin, I should have mentioned that :(, like Knightmare said, the moment you use the normal event command to add items, the pop-up happens. Knightmare: Thanks for helping also friend :)
  7. Raizen

    Akea Toggle Target

    I mean, I think I can get both to work xD, I was seeing his plugin, he has activations for each tweak done, does deactivating it still not make the plugins work together D:?
  8. Raizen

    Ignis Item & Gold Pop-up

    Ignis Item & Gold Pop-up Introduction This plugin adds a pretty and animated way to gain items on the map, you can configure the font (what font, size, colors for different item types and outline). You can also deactivate and activate at any time during the game. How to Use Just insert the...
  9. Raizen

    Akea Animated Battler Order

    Akea Animated Battler Order Introduction This plugin allows you to add a much more animated gauge to show the atb order. This can be horizontal or vertical, easy to configure between both of them. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Images: Plugin...
  10. Raizen

    Akea Toggle Target

    Oh, so its compatibility issues, do you need the auto-battle in that one? I think that is the part that is causing issues, I need to investigate more, but it should be that part.
  11. Raizen

    Akea Toggle Target

    No problem! This next one might be a bug on the plugin, but I didn't manage to reproduce it D:, if you could specify what else you did maybe. I used the same skill: I also tried with the skill being "toggable" and it not being, but I didn't quite manage to reproduce the error. I tried with Akea...
  12. Raizen

    Akea Toggle Target

    Hey friend! Glad you liked it! Anyway, I did this plugin initially as an additional part to animated cursor: If you really do not want to use it, I can maybe try to get everything there essential for that part to work, but you can put the animated cursor and use blank images, it should work...
  13. Raizen

    RMMZ Audio Preloader Plugin Request

    yes :), if this one is better you can use it also: You just save it as a IgnisSoundSynchronizer.js on the plugin folderr
  14. Raizen

    Ignis Audio Synchronizer

    Ignis Audio Synchronizer Introduction This plugins allows you to synchronize the graphics with the audio, you can wait for the graphics/events to update only when all Audio is loaded. You can also create conditions only when the audio is loaded for a higher control of the scene flow. How to...
  15. Raizen

    RMMZ Audio Preloader Plugin Request

    Oh, I thought there was one for MZ already, I am working on it :ywink: Edit: I finished it, it should be soon on MZ Plugins, I won't put a link here until they accept my post, because I don't know if its allowed, when they accept it there, I 'll put the link here also. Edit2...

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