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The Demon King battler in VX Ace seems way too cocky. "I'm not even gonna get off my chair to fight you."
I haven't written a tutorial in a while, is there anything you'd love to know how to make/edit?

wanted the player's current mood to affect different things in game and not just battle. but as far as battle goes, different moods will determine the overall difficulty of battle ranging from easy to manic. but outside of battle, certain NPCs, will have different things to say to you depending on your mood.
Alright... almost there... almost got it... almost finished... almost a homeowner. It's been a busy ride, and all of my resources are nearly drained. My income/expense ratio is about to be 1:1. It is time to strategize, to formulate a plan to ease the burdens. I propose an increase in income. Partner proposes... having a baby?

You know, for someone having a degree in accounting, she sure doesn't consider expenses...
Is it me or is the website loading really slowly today?

Edit: it keeps happening off and on. Idk what to think.

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