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  1. Tiles Appearing

    I kept minimum size 17x13 and it seems to have fixed it.. ill try again in the AM when I hit the maps again. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Tiles Appearing

    Ahhh that screen size.. if im reading from the correct tab.. 816x624 which is for both screen and UI Area... actually display for laptop is 1920x1080
  3. Tiles Appearing

    So minimum regardless should remain at the default 17x13?
  4. Tiles Appearing

    Maps are varied. But the pictures I showed you were 11x11 and 17x13 respectively. All tilesets are 768x768 which the imported tilesets are compared to the stock sets. And each tile is 48x48
  5. Tiles Appearing

    All, Thanks for the help and responses. First off, it may help Im currently using MZ. I am using the KR and FSM tilesets. They are set for MZ in tile size dimensions. And using the VisuStella plugins. And to the point of the layers... this is a fresh map, with zero tiles added, and that is...
  6. Tiles Appearing

    Has anyone experiences what is depicted below? Im trying to figure out why that continues to occur. I do not want to continue having to create every map twice. I say twice as I test the map, and it shows a variation of what is below, then I recreate the map a 2nd time, and it fixes the issue.
  7. Question Re: Encounter Weight

    For encounter weighting. Is that applied to the entire field/map, or just to a specific region coded? Im assuming its for the entire field/map, but hoping its region specific.
  8. Editing tilesets

    Of course. I find that possibility though another site, doesn't work correctly. You all mention it, it now works. You guys are magicians haha. but thanks for all the help. Only been using these products since 2003, youd think Id learn by now how to use them.
  9. Editing tilesets

    Rooge, I simply do not have that option of Image>Mode>Color Table. Thats the part thats weird.
  10. Editing tilesets

    Both, thank you. I use photoshop pro 2019 typically.. but I believe I have gimp.. Ill try that. but any idea on the photoshop fix? I dont see that "mode" option availble.
  11. Editing tilesets

    Has anyone else had an issue with editing tilesets in MZ, where (for example Outside B) you only the "wand" on the store sign. Yet when you save it adjusts everything with that black background. In previous versions of the game, all tilesets had a clean background, but for some reason MZ all...

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