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    Hey Ele! You should join us in RO2 some more. Me and Ruka joined a new guild and I'm sure they'd...

    Hey Ele! You should join us in RO2 some more. Me and Ruka joined a new guild and I'm sure they'd like to have ya if you want to play still. It was fun :O
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    What inspires you to come up with good story ideas for your rpgs?

    I'm a little different than most and find most inspiration by just looking at random pictures. If I'm stuck in writer's block, doing this will also help me come up with things. Most times the pictures will provoke a thought and later this gets transformed into something else entirely. My current...
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    Yikes! That sounds really rough! Hope everything goes smoothly and you'll feel better soon after...

    Yikes! That sounds really rough! Hope everything goes smoothly and you'll feel better soon after it's done.
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    Enelysion: Vol I+II released.

    Looks nice Luchino. I think everything seems good as far as looks and proportion except the perspective is a bit off. Right now it looks like I'm looking directly at it instead of like the weird sort of top down perspective the rtp has. This is good for a side scroller but you need to be looking...
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    ReStaff December 2012 Release!

    Cool stuff here. Thanks guys!
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    Maru's Resource-Collection

    I LOVE the baby.
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    Maru's Resource-Collection

    I am really loving that bride! All of these are really so lovely. Thanks for making them! @Irili I'm an American that moved to Germany and I can tell you German is rediculously easy to learn if you know English already. The hardest part about learning it is just the memorization of words and...
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    Maru's Resource-Collection

    Hey these are all really awesome and unique looking. Thanks for sharing!
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    :D !!

    :D !!
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    Mapping Helpdesk [Last update: Mountains (17th April) and Misc answers (18th)]

    @fofay Can't tell what kind of tint you have but overall downing of the saturation is a good idea. Make it a tad darker you could even try upping blue or purple a bit or even green. You don't have to have all the colors the same. There's spiderwebs in the default you can plug in as well as...
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    [NC-17] Wine & Roses

    Man this game is pure awesome. I really am enjoying myself so far and played it non-stop. The battle system is done so well. Did you come up with the idea of everything yourself? It's really addicting and I love the different challenges. There was a portion where it seemed a bit easy the more...
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    Game & Map Screenshots

    Looks good Des. I really like it because it's a map with DIRECTION. ^^ I agree with Hotfirelengend though that it'd be good to make the wall in the middle a bit higher but overall I've always liked that style. Kinda reminds me of Super Mario RPG.
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    World Building Discussion: Medieval Times

    Very nice little display of facts you got going here. It's good to look over for some ideas for games inspired by medieval times and pretty crucial to those following that time frame exactly. Sometimes I forget the terms of certain individuals like the Scullions. I think I've heard of them being...
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    Game & Map Screenshots

    @McP Ah yeah if you have photoshop or gimp you can lower the saturation. Otherwise I'm sure you could make a request topic about it. Those are mack tiles right? It's not too hard to do something like that. @Chaos-Avian As far as I know when water has stuff growing in it at the bottom the...
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    Game & Map Screenshots

    Why is there grass and trees underwater?

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