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    Where's my DLC's?

    Yes, I even quoted it. And probably ages ago lol, since this account is made 2013. Probably from Forum/member+ store because I also had member+ sub back then. Guess I'll try to search for those instructions then!
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    Where's my DLC's?

    MY ORDERS You have no orders yet. So uhm... ? No purchases shown there. I'm using chrome.
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    Where's my DLC's?

    Hi. So back in the day I purchased a lot of DLC's through this site and remember accessing those DLC from here through my profile but I for some reason can't find it anymore. "Downloads" ( ) is just a 404 error page and that degica shop just makes me buy...
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    Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    Is there a way to get this Season Pass DLC 3 without purchasing the whole season pass as I have no use to the other DLC's and I'm only interested in these train parts?
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    Is there anyone who playing Pokemon Go?

    Made a video of how to make a quick throw and catch pokemon with the first throw fast and easy. When the battle starts the screen is zoomed in. As it starts to zoom back to normal battle view, swipe forward and you will throw a pokeball straight to...
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    Is there anyone who playing Pokemon Go?

    Holy S*it! I think it's totally worth to catch all those Magikarps: Got over 1500 cp Gyarados.
  7. RaZzi

    Is there anyone who playing Pokemon Go?

    I found a trick to evolve your Eevee to YOUR choice of Pokemon: Can someone else confirm that this really works on their Eevee or is this just pure luck?
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    Is there anyone who playing Pokemon Go?

    Celianna, where in Netherlands is that many pokestops exactly? That screen is INSANE :D.  Here are my best cathes so far. The biggest CP Pokemon: and the biggest CP Starter-Pokemon: My biggest Pokemon...
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    Product Release: Fantasy & Medieval

    The music. You get inspiration from a great music piece!
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Superb job. Using these in my game My Peculiar Brother! :)
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    Battle Engine Symphony

    We need more info to help you with that. Try uploading a demo with your scripts.. althou I'm not sure if luna engine allows making such a demo because it's a script that you need to buy to use...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @Milennin: Why is two of the prison cells sized 1x4 and the other two 4x4?
  13. RaZzi

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    A-Moonless-Night: I love the cliffs around the lake!
  14. RaZzi

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @Chaos Avian: You have 3 different fonts that don't fit each other in style. One has only stroke, one has shadow and one has outer glow. You have black background with see thru opacity, you have gray background without opacity. You have yellowish box where the selection is (Attack) and red arrow...

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