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    VX was trash for having only a single tileset. God only knows why it was like that, but it was terrible.
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    I'd much rather classify my games based on what you can expect from them, aka. Action-adventure RPGs. "Retro RPG" tends to imply you're...
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    //leans over and whispers They really don't like it when you tell them the RTP is in any way not perfect. :kaoswt: //looks at the...
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    Exhaustion sickness hitting me again near deadline whyyyy (sobs)
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    My memory is embellishing the quality of NES era game assets :/ .... I need to stop comparing my work to somthing that was...
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    thats it, i 've had it, I will NOT promote my game as a "retro RPG" when its done, i have in the past but it is literally the first...
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    A video game has a brand attached to it. No offence meant, but it is disadvantageous to use the default RM graphics due to the fact that...
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    Degica has great discounts now on Steam too. MV & MV DLCs, VX Ace & VX Ace DLCs, and some DLC for MZ with a 10% discount. So if you are...
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    It's a lil heart alien witch fella. :kaothx:
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    If you just keep the game for just yourself, or a group of friends, it should be fine. If you want to publish it on the internet, using...
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    Short answer: No. Long answer: I would make the effort to find free music or at best hire a composer if you can handle the cost. Using...
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    You can't use someone else's work without authorization, even if it were just one file. There's plenty of music on the rpg maker RTP and...
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    Your avatar is adorable. Where is it from? :LZSproud:

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Leokids wrote on LUKElcs's profile.
Hi, I just finished the sprite section.

I open a commission for Pixel art and art, for more examples I'll present tomorrow.
Can someone test a windowskin for me? I can't while traveling (I'll send as PM).
VX/VX Ace Kids is the Best for Me,but MV/MZ Did a Bit Better than VX/VX Ace But Nothing Beats VX/VX Ace!

Finally finished the first character for the free bust set I'm making. It turned out more big
SD than chibi, but I can't help but fall into my natural style. I'll post a thread once I've got more to show.

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