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  • Recommendation of the day: Lufia - The Legend Returns for the Game Boy Color. One of the most gorgeous GBC games and an RPG that's way more robust and clever than anything I've seen on the system. There's a lot of little neat tricks and the main party gimmick encourages customization.

    Also it lets you defeat "unwinnable bosses" and tackle parts of the game you're not meant to yet.
    Well I had a productive afternoon. Checked how levels affect the strength of my characters.

    Essentially, Stat Bases and Stat Growths are critical in determining the viability of certain peeps and levels themselves stop mattering after a certain point. Equipment can be super useful in affecting character strength too.

    I feel like I've learned where to make the unique parts of my combat shine. :kaoluv:
    Interesting concept: if an enemy WILL drop their rare item in a fight, they'll have a little sparkly next to their name & a battle log message that says they have [x] thing.

    I feel this would greatly streamline the process for my fellow completionists... provided I find a script that lets me do it. :wub
    I have created a stealth system I can be proud of.

    Most recent edition I put in was a feature where if you hit unaware enemies on the overworld but you're too far away from them, you don't enter combat. You know, for when you want to sneak.

    If you're too strong compared to them it just nukes them outright. :kaohi:
    So I'm shocked. I didn't know parallel processing events playing with no wait frames would lag the game into oblivion. :kaoswt2:

    Thank goodness I caught this in time, because that would have stumped me down the line in regards to making sure big maps don't get super slow.
    It does make a massive difference, especially if you've got several parallels running with conditional branches in each. If your computer is trying to call each event every 60th of a second, and trying to run through each event in that time before calling it again, it's going to get slow eventually. Of course, hardware dependant, but it's still a reliable way to bog down your CPU.
    I can't believe 15 wait frames (1/4th of a second) is enough to save my computer from utter annihilation. :kaoback:
    Haven't you ever heard that good things come to those who Wait?

    Happy Easter, fellas.
    I have discovered an arcane spell - the ability to bring back the player's items if they use them during an unwinnable boss fight or similar.
    Ahhhh! The ancient arcane spell of [Hey c'mon now, that ain't fair bruh! Give it back!].
    I was attacked by a rabid soda! :kaodes:

    (now that's a fun enemy for a modern day Earthbound-like game.)
    Birthmonth time.

    Also I know the ultimate secret of how to make an amazing RPG Maker game: Just press Alt-F4 while you're making the game! That's all it takes.

    Warning: please save your projects before you do this
    Yo who's the wise guy who made it so if you walk up in RPG Maker it subtracts 1 from the Y value instead of add to it?

    This gave me a tremendous headache for my distance tracking system since I forgot to factor the negatives and the numbers that cancel each other out (-3X + 3Y = 0 and vice versa). :kaoeh:
    • Haha
    Reactions: Copywright and Bex
    Some engines work from bottom left and others from top left. *shrug*
    @Copywright That's because the Unity environment is infinite. There'd be no way to define a "top left" of the editor.
    On what @Trihan said, The unity environment in fact extends to all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. In contrast, RM is only quadrant 4 (the bottom right)
    Yes! I managed to make a system where if you're asleep/petrified/put into time stop on the overworld, you can mash buttons to break out of it more quickly.

    ... As well as a system where overworld enemies will not respawn unless you pass through a room or two. Just enough for the player to not be interrupted when exploring! :kaohi:
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