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    Experimented with different flame colors for mood lighting.
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    Somewhat inspired my redesign of my world mob encounter sprites - added subtle glow and some visual effects.
    I have a very strong feeling my internet will be hurricane'd, forcing me to work exclusively on my projects. Wish me luck y'all.
    Yo I just tested a "use time stop to outrun a set of torches before they run out" puzzle and it works. I love just being able to do whatever I want in VX Ace.
    Current mood:
    that kid had anger issues lol... his foot did damage to that car. not Aerosmith damage, but damage nonetheless.
    Yeah that was me yesterday at work. I have my first concert in 2 years today, and I never sleep good after really stressful days, so it was real f****** hard to get as much sleep as I did which was barely enough. I finally got out of bed at like 2:30pm.
    Yes, hello! I want to strangle Victor's Custom Slip Rates for the nightmare it has put me through twice now.

    Thought I had a handle on custom poison per person until it threw a curveball at me, but at least it's functioning the way I want now.
    > Realizes Yanfly JP Manager fundamentally does not work the way I think it does, ruining plans I had with Learn Skill Engine
    > Also realizes I can just modify Learn Skill Engine to take a completely new variable-based currency
    > *cracks knuckles* :kaosalute:

    When you want something done right, you do it yourself.
    OMG I finally cooked up a system where you can face towards a specific actor in your party regardless of where they are in your set-up. This is insanely important for me regarding cutscenes.

    I should make a tutorial for this, since it's one part eventing and one part a Himeworks script that controls your followers movements.
    Call Common Event is insane. I originally only used it to connect common events together, but I just realized that this can save me A LOT of having to repeat conditional branches and variables.

    And if I need to edit any values, I can just edit the common event itself and not every single event they're attached to.

    I swear 75% of the fight behind game development is finding the most efficient way to do things.
    Hell yeah I finally got combat hotkeys to work. :kaothx: Now you can:

    * Voluntarily cut your speed w/o taking up a turn (button 1)
    * Change your equipment mid-combat without taking up a turn (button 2)
    * Have five customizable slots for item use that you can set up what is used. (button 3-7)
    It has now gotten to the point where I need detailed excel spreadsheets to track where every individual enemy on the map is, what type of enemy they are and how many rooms you need to pass through to make them respawn.

    I'm simultaneously proud of my diligence and would never wish this torture on even my worst enemies. :kaoswt2:
    Brethren, you can say that again.
    waypoint arrows.gif

    Lil' waypoints!
    • *Green ? - Place you haven't visited yet
    • *Gray - Place you have visited
    • ! - Plot important
    • Star - Secret. Never shows up naturally
    • Purple w/skull - Boss incoming
    (The arrows are from Ksi's part of the community PCK pack on Steam & the "!" & "?" marks come from @Wecoc's iconset.)


    • waypoint arrows.gif
      waypoint arrows.gif
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    I like your idea! although I would make the places you have already visited gray (as if there was no more content there) and the places to visit green (or another bright color)
    @Kato-A Funny thing, you're not the only person that said that to me! And since more than one person brought it up, I swapped the colors of the "Not discovered" and "already visited" markers. Now it's green "?" if not explored and gray if you did visit before.
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    Now it's green "?" if not explored and gray if you did visit before.
    I, on the other hand, would expect places that I have visited to be green, precisely because I know what's there, and gray if I haven't, because it's unknown. As far as I can remember, that's how it's been in any game I've played where those are both shown, either as symbols or as a world map.
    Custom slip rates and custom ailment durations for enemies really opens up the floodgates for status effect use. I can have Poison and Time Stop affect bosses without it breaking their balance! Finally, a healthy middle ground.

    (Especially after I cooked up a thing that prevents you from re-applying deadly states more than once in specific occassions.)

    Made an attachment for the HUD that I can control the visibility of with switches. This tracks the current amount of items needed to finish a quest. Once you meet the requisite, it turns into "complete" because I figured it would be a good way to tell the player they're done. Also it stops numbers from going off of the UI.

    Expanded on YSA Order Battlers - status effects will change the color of the border & muddy the face a bit to show the effects of status ailments on turn order.

    Likewise: implemented a Delay Action move that makes you go last if you want. Doesn't cost anything, doesn't take up a turn and can be removed just as easily. You know, for combo purposes.
    Thanks to Jet's Pathfinding I've finally conquered the one thing that would have ruined my attempts at scary chases: the enemy getting stuck on the terrain and blankly staring at the player! :kaoback:

    Now they actually backtrack and find the shortest path to kill you. :wub
    I remember fighting The Butcher in Diablo...that was the only way to actually win, without over-leveling.
    Nothing breaks a scary moment more then them getting can get on terrain. Monster: I am going get you.
    (Chair blocks their path)
    Player: ...Oh...
    Ahh finding solutions to terrify your player~!
    Yo! We got custom keyboard configurations working for my games!


    Now you can set up any kind of cursed button combination you want and the game won't poop itself. Thanks @Sixth !
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Would not be so bad if it was not for my PC having the speed of a slug.:kaoswt2:
Tried something. Little sneak peak of Unity AD.

It's the little things. Lengthened the time the bar fades in and out to be a bit more comfortable.

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