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  • Black Friday steam sale is gonna siphon my wallet faster than someone can cast Stop on me.
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    *casts stop spell*
    My wallet's already been siphoned the past two months, and I have a huge backlog of games so I'm not going to get anything. Good luck though!
    The first thing I do when I come back to a project I'd left sitting on the shelf gathering dust is immediately make cool powers for everyone.

    Such as a gal that has a sentient, tangible shadow that she can slip through cracks and control corpses to fight for her.
    Feeling like this:
    . . . . .
    do you like the wibbles

    (Pay no attention to this profile post, I'm exorcising a brain demon)
    Not gonna lie, the amount of options I give my characters in combat makes fighting so much fun that I actually forget that I'm meant to be playtesting and fixing bugs lmfao. :LZSlol:
    I was gonna ask for someone to help me make a "1st actor only" version of Yanfly's Class System (as only the protagonist can utilize it for lore reasons), but turns out replacing instances of @actor with $game_actors[1] was enough to make it do what I want.

    I'm winning, guys.
    It's so funny whenever I come across a problem with an actor-related script that would otherwise require a ton of time and possibly enlist someone to help... only for me to go like "Why not tie the function to a state instead?"

    @actor.state?(x) has literally saved my life multiple times.
    > Plays someone's game and writes a thoughtful critique
    > Learns that person hasn't been around for [x amount of time]

    I need to stop being late for everything. :LZSlol:

    New Battle HUD is looking clean and provides a lot more features than vanilla Ace Battle Engine.
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    Is it normal that I feel bad for the zombies? they look so cute.
    @Kato-A Maybe. You can pop them like candy (they have 850 HP and you casually do 1200) and they weren't brought back of their own will.
    I'm getting increasingly fascinated by the prospect of converting my work from VX Ace to MV, if only to see how it pans out.

    I've already accumulated a list of replacement scripts / know how to build my games by now, so depending on what my impression winds up being, this could be huge.

    Edit: Read below
    I've always fought with removing the time sensitive nature of missable quests so 100% completion would be feasible without having to replay the game if you mess up.

    But then I figured "why not temporarily set the player back in time to when those quests would have been available while having the game act like you've always finished those things" since time is nonlinear in video games anyway.
    Interesting idea.
    Sounds like something that could be fun in it's own right.
    There's many solutions to helping the player be able to get 100% without worrying about missables, but this is probably the most creative.
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    I've thought about this too. My game theoretically has a few secret missable events, but the plan is that the player can go to the inn to rest and "dream" about those segments, allowing players a chance to find those secrets.
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    Experimented with different flame colors for mood lighting.
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    Somewhat inspired my redesign of my world mob encounter sprites - added subtle glow and some visual effects.
    Yo I just tested a "use time stop to outrun a set of torches before they run out" puzzle and it works. I love just being able to do whatever I want in VX Ace.
    Current mood:
    that kid had anger issues lol... his foot did damage to that car. not Aerosmith damage, but damage nonetheless.
    Yeah that was me yesterday at work. I have my first concert in 2 years today, and I never sleep good after really stressful days, so it was real f****** hard to get as much sleep as I did which was barely enough. I finally got out of bed at like 2:30pm.
    Yes, hello! I want to strangle Victor's Custom Slip Rates for the nightmare it has put me through twice now.

    Thought I had a handle on custom poison per person until it threw a curveball at me, but at least it's functioning the way I want now.
    > Realizes Yanfly JP Manager fundamentally does not work the way I think it does, ruining plans I had with Learn Skill Engine
    > Also realizes I can just modify Learn Skill Engine to take a completely new variable-based currency
    > *cracks knuckles* :kaosalute:

    When you want something done right, you do it yourself.
    OMG I finally cooked up a system where you can face towards a specific actor in your party regardless of where they are in your set-up. This is insanely important for me regarding cutscenes.

    I should make a tutorial for this, since it's one part eventing and one part a Himeworks script that controls your followers movements.
    Call Common Event is insane. I originally only used it to connect common events together, but I just realized that this can save me A LOT of having to repeat conditional branches and variables.

    And if I need to edit any values, I can just edit the common event itself and not every single event they're attached to.

    I swear 75% of the fight behind game development is finding the most efficient way to do things.
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