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  • Upgrading from VX Ace to MV has gone from a cute suggestion to outright required.

    Things can only go up from here - I kinda hated being constrained to 640x480 resolution. :LZSwink:
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    @Avery MV has more plugins for me to choose from. That's the only reason.
    Ah okay. I was just curious, cause I feel like the better mapping system of MZ outweights everything else xD But that is personal preference I guess^^
    I'm on MV because at the time I started RPG Maker my computer could only run MV. I can run MZ now however, but I just haven't bought it.

    Watching this kind of put into perspective how much elemental weaknesses and resistances change even the most bare bones JRPGs.:LZSlol:
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    Videos like this are always interesting to me. Design challenges and whatnot. I'm a hopeless design student.

    Behold. Revamped stat layout for the equip screen + little bobs that show up when your stats have been heightened or lowered through ailments/buffs/debuffs, which I see being especially useful during combat.

    Might as well cap New Years off with a bang, cause this was quite the brainscratcher for me.
    So I just realized that the mid-battle equipment change script I use also lets you see stats change in real time if your character's afflicted by a buff/debuff.

    Expect me to make this more of a feature.

    Made an addon to enemy HP bars that lets you see the PDR/MDR rates of that enemy. Might be a default feature, might be locked behind an item you get.
    Managed to tweak a script to show much your luck actually affects monster item drop rate.

    EG. 1192 luck would add up to +14% (party total luck * 0.012, as every member's luck stat adds to it), and the drop rate number would change in the bestiary -- so the more luck you have, you can see how much better your odds are.

    Context: In Pokemon you can put berries and similar items on your Pokemon that are automatically used at certain times in battle. The one I experimented with right now was the Lum Berry, which immediately cures all statuses from your Pokemon if any of them are inflicted with one.
    Black Friday steam sale is gonna siphon my wallet faster than someone can cast Stop on me.
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    *casts stop spell*
    My wallet's already been siphoned the past two months, and I have a huge backlog of games so I'm not going to get anything. Good luck though!
    The first thing I do when I come back to a project I'd left sitting on the shelf gathering dust is immediately make cool powers for everyone.

    Such as a gal that has a sentient, tangible shadow that she can slip through cracks and control corpses to fight for her.
    do you like the wibbles

    (Pay no attention to this profile post, I'm exorcising a brain demon)
    Not gonna lie, the amount of options I give my characters in combat makes fighting so much fun that I actually forget that I'm meant to be playtesting and fixing bugs lmfao. :LZSlol:
    I was gonna ask for someone to help me make a "1st actor only" version of Yanfly's Class System (as only the protagonist can utilize it for lore reasons), but turns out replacing instances of @actor with $game_actors[1] was enough to make it do what I want.

    I'm winning, guys.
    It's so funny whenever I come across a problem with an actor-related script that would otherwise require a ton of time and possibly enlist someone to help... only for me to go like "Why not tie the function to a state instead?"

    @actor.state?(x) has literally saved my life multiple times.
    > Plays someone's game and writes a thoughtful critique
    > Learns that person hasn't been around for [x amount of time]

    I need to stop being late for everything. :LZSlol:
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