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    Hi, I am so new I cant find anything, but I love this site!

    Hello! and Welcome! Im love this site too Hope we can help each other later!
  2. realice

    Eternal Twilight

    the art character and story synopsis its intersting! will try this game!
  3. realice

    coco's art palooza (haha look at my zoo)

    nice work! love the style of your art!
  4. realice

    Some of my musical works here! All invited to listen ;)

    Thank you for posting it! Your music it was really cool !
  5. realice

    Rickelmi Gallery

    nice art! looking foward to another your art!
  6. realice

    RMVX HFF SKY (one map challenge)

    Woah, this is gourgeous! Looking foward to it!
  7. realice

    RMVXA [IGMC 2015] Escalia

    good game! looking foward to it!
  8. realice

    hero_buddy arts!

    kawaiii! I love your works!
  9. realice

    Nekohime's Space Art

    beautiful background, but the nebula look so real, not really blending with the bacground. but good job there!
  10. realice

    Post Your Music

    my favorite song: •
  11. realice

    Random Art Thread

    nice artwork! love it!
  12. realice

    My art gallery

    wow! your art is so really good! i love them
  13. realice

    Hi, I am so new I cant find anything, but I love this site!

    Welcome! Eventhough i new as well haha. I rarely open the forum, but i love RPG maker so much too! Still learning the program right now! Hope we can help each other later~
  14. realice

    Can someone be my friend

    Hello, I understand your situation... If you ever need someone to talk to or support you, feel free to PM me ^^
  15. realice

    The songs that get stuck in your head

    chocobo theme song l :LZSproud::LZSproud:

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