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    Caethyril's Plugins

    i change parameter from Cae_BattleStepY, it works. i put your plugins below Yanfly Battle Engine Core. i changed to this value Graphics.boxWidth / 2 + 96 * (index + 2 - $gameParty.battleMembers().length / 2) + 50 i try and i get what position i want. main character on center and another char...
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    Caethyril's Plugins

    thx caethryll!:uhappy: Cae_BattleStepY works good. how to change position 4 party so they position more to right? change home position Y is up and down change home position X (96) change distance between character
  3. realz012

    RMMZ VisuStella Battle Core, Opposite direction Enemy when use SV Battler?

    i found the conflict with MOG_battlermotion after OFF the plugin, VisuMZ_battlecore works nicely if user not used SV Enemy in VisuMZ_Battlecore plugin, you can use Mog_battlermotion static enemy with VisuMZ_battlecore. but if write note tag floating: 1 , it will give crash error. i found only...
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    RMMZ VisuStella Battle Core, Opposite direction Enemy when use SV Battler?

    i want to ask, how to flip horizontal enemy so Enemy Battler face the main party? in game demo visu used notetag <Sideview Battlers> Actor1_1 </Sideview Battlers> when i try tq mod or archeia you can locked/deleted this thread. i found the culprit problem, conflict with some plugin. thx.
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    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    i used Static Battler Side-view i have question... can Static battler use VE Battle Motions too? because when i tried, character move toward enemy and attack it success... but when enemy turn move toward character give me error out of range.
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    Front View or Side View?

    i prefer front view battle more.... but its good if we have battler animated model like Fear & Hunger games.
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    Anyone here use premade maps?

    my opinion... its depend on what you want from that map. did premade map can do what purpose what you want or not (example forest of eternal fog with mystery and much hidden path etc)? maybe i choose custom map or parallax map. i making map because i want to do something with that. premade map...
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    Terrax Lighting system

    option turn on/off light with switch, great Terrax! :D it is possible to give the light blinking or flickering? for horror game is good option for build atmosphere.
  9. realz012

    Terrax Lighting system

    thx for lightning plugin, terrax :D really waiting this for my horror game. put this plugin above galv layers graphic is okay (if you want used dust effect or parallax map)
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    [Request] port Yami Battle Symphony+addon Holder for MV

    at last, i figured out my own self!  :D for custom holder just make sure the battler fit in SV sheet. it doesn't matter how big your battler sheet are. just make sure they have some collumn and row same as SV sheet. i making Lightning Farron animated with 300x300 grid. so here we are. God...
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    be creative and fun rpg making!

    be creative and fun rpg making!
  12. realz012

    why or how did you get in to RPG maker

    i know rpg maker because free game i had as bonus from old game magazine. the game made by rpg maker 2000 (GS Saga : fighter machine). i really like it and never know there is software to make rpg game. i tried rpg maker from 2000, 2k3, xp, vx, vx ace, and now MV. i really like how engine is...
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    I really need help making stories/plots/ect. for my RPG Maker games

    hi i want to tell my opinion. i'm really familiar with building story cause i'm novelist to. the good story is not about how big your scope like how hero try to saving continent from the arrival dark lord. it will cost time and maybe you will stop in middle development because is to big with...
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    [Request] port Yami Battle Symphony+addon Holder for MV

    yeah i agree with you. SV MV is good, the character generator really helpful for someone who cant make everything from scratch. is made rpg making fun and not time consuming for new comer. that's the point. the resolution bigger and how could we port the game to web or android is something just...
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    VX Ace or MV?

    i use vx ace. but now starting moving to MV. my old project still in ace (cause of script) but if MV can give something similiar like script in Ace which i used, i would move that project to MV. although MV 1.01 still having white flash in database editor (not often) i recomended to use MV...

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