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    Choose LANGUAGE in finished game ?

    Hello, thanks for your answer, I'll test it all ;) (y)
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    Choose LANGUAGE in finished game ?

    Hello all, I hope you enjoying the festivities and that everything is going well to yall. I just finished my first game after 10 month of hardwork on it (Yeeaaahhh), the test versions are already available on google apps and on my website. The official comming out is for April 2021. The...
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    Esz's African inspiration tiles & others

    Très beau travail mon frère
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    Animals Head

    Hello guys, This is my first post, I'm sorry if it's not the right place to write it (if not please drive me to the correct emplacement.) As the title said, I'm looking for someone that could do characters with animals heads + faces. Or is there some packs that already have some ? I need a...

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