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  1. The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    Hey, your animations have really helped me out. I'm always looking forward to your next entry. Thank you for doing all this, you have no idea how much better my games are looking using these animations. I have a question for you. Most of these spell animations seem to be for human use. Would...
  2. The Hall of Cameo Sprites!

    So, considering I've imported pretty much every hairstyle and beard you've made into my generator, having you as an NPC in my game seemed like a nice way to show you thanks (in addition to your crediting, as per the Terms of Usage) but I noticed a few small discrepancies in your battle sprite...
  3. Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    These look fantastic, I'm gonna  check these out now and report back if there's any issues. Thanks! I uploaded them, and after renaming them all so they fit sequentially with the assets I already have, they work beautifully! here's a Screenshot off all parts in action!
  4. Brunovisk Resources Iconic SV Weapons/ SV Actors

    I love it and really want this in my next game, but a portrait is pretty crucial for it to be in people's games as a playable character. I see a lot of great SV Battler sprites that would be amazing as party members, but nobody remembers that a face is just as important as map and battle...
  5. SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    Wow, that's a ridiculous amount of work, I'm thoroughly impressed. Not just some quick copy pasting going on. A quick question on the spider, there. In your video for the Iron Giant, the Spider had a face image. My MV didn't come with a default Spider face, could you link that somewhere for me...
  6. Acelite Gaiden

    I have no qualms with playing a game that doesn't look overly flashy or bring anything new to it. Sometimes some of the plain games are the most fun, simple can be great. That said, I downloaded your game, tried the tower mode. Got as far as the first Tower, and the enemies there are way...
  7. Character Join Issue

    Thanks, Andar. As far as any removed information, I'm not sure what more I could have posted. If I had anything else in the event, like page numbering (Self Switches or Conditional switching) or further conditions that would disrupt the joining, I'd most certainly would have posted it. Maybe...
  8. Character Join Issue

    Hey, I've come across a problem that I just can not for the life of me figure out. I'll try to be as specific as possible. In my game, I have a character who joins after a fetch quest. You bring him 10 bricks and he'll join you. He has a unique Job Class (Foreman) and wields Hammers (Using the...

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