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  1. Low Power vs High Power Games

    I definitely lean toward the lower end as well.  Higher numbers feel like the developer is trying too hard to make the attacks look powerful, and they are more confusing to deal with.  Losing 88 of 202 HP is a lot more intuitive than losing 8835 of 20196, even though they mean the same thing.
  2. Changing the logic for calling the Attack animation

    I think that only controls what the actor does while you're picking your party's moves, not the actual attack.  I don't have anything in the [SV] Magic Skills list and the attack is still just a generic "arms spread out" motion.
  3. Speading attacks?

    Ideally, the Spread skill would set a state on the user for 2 turns (the first turn is the one on which you used Spread).  And then you'd have some fancy JavaScript plugin that would check for the Spread state and adjust the targets whenever you pick an attack.  I tried to make a plugin to do...
  4. I'm working with small numbers

    Yup, just double click on any of the parameter curves to open up the editing page.  The Generate Curve function should do everything you need; you can check what the stat will be at each level to make sure it looks good.
  5. Changing the logic for calling the Attack animation

    It does the slash/hit/whatever animation to the target, but the user still acts like they're casting a spell.
  6. Changing the logic for calling the Attack animation

    I created some physical skills and I want to give the user the same animation for those as they have for the Attack skill (namely, to use the weapon motion and show the weapon).  I'd like to avoid the plugins out there that require you to craft the animation yourself.  All I'm really trying...
  7. Enemy that causes contact damage

    I went with Victor's Retaliation Damage combined with Counter Actions and it worked like a charm.  Thanks!
  8. Enemy that causes contact damage

    Hello, friends! I'm trying to create an enemy that is electrified, and therefore when you hit it with a physical attack, you take some damage as well.  Does anyone know of a good way to do this, with the standard controls or with scripting?
  9. How to use the name of a Party Member

    You can use \N[1] to show the name of the first actor and \P[1] to show the name of the first party member.  (Or whatever number the actor/party member is that you're trying to show.) If you're curious about other stuff you can do in the text box, you can hold the cursor over it and it shows...

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Update on the Unity thing: I had to redo all my map graphics for Unity because the originals were from XP, but it actually looks so much better now in Unity, so I genuinely might make the switch.
Messing around with fragment shaders (filters). This thing is HUGE and I'm surprised almost no one makes good use of. Even the number of plugins that do this stuff are limited.

There's 7 main areas in the game that are all connected. This train get's you from an underground lab to the center of someone's subconscious. inside the train you can talk to some of the passengers. but going to the top of it, there's battles.
Speedrunning all character portraits just so they all have the same quality. Not sure if this was a good idea, but now I'm almost done.
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