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    MZ PlayTest gives Random Crash or Blackout on Big Sur

    Hi, I know that there is a bug report for MV about this but MZ is doing the same thing on MacOS Big Sur. When I play test a room, it will randomly crash at different places within my game. Rarely, the whole app just disappears. But more often the window will simply go dark and nothing is...
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    RMMZ Question about Plugin/Engine Restrictions

    Thanks. That was the posting I was thinking of. I must have misunderstood or didn't remember properly its contents. Thanks for clearing that up.
  3. redspark

    RMMZ Question about Plugin/Engine Restrictions

    It's not that I'm finding fault with the MZ engine. I just want to do something else with it but reuse some of the core code that connects to the JSON from the editor. I couldn't find anything in the legal agreement about Code specifically. They talk about art asset modifications a lot but...
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    RMMZ Question about Plugin/Engine Restrictions

    Hi, I already did a search for this but couldn't find what I was looking for (probably using the wrong keywords). Many moons ago, I thought I remember a discussion about how much of the engine code was allowed to be changed in MV or before. Are there any legal restrictions on the the engine...
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    Default Game doesn't Play on MacOS

    My original post was about Visual Novel Maker only.
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    Default Game doesn't Play on MacOS

    Thanks for the info. Last night, I upgraded my RPG Maker MV to MZ. It's a little buggy but I'm sure they will work the bugs out eventually. I like some of the new features and I might be able to make, sort of, a visual novel with that instead.
  7. redspark

    Default Game doesn't Play on MacOS

    It's been two weeks and I still haven't received any help for this issue. I don't know if there is someone supporting this product or not. If I don't hear from someone, I guess I will have to abandon it and try something else.
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    Default Game doesn't Play on MacOS

    Hi, I have a MacBook Air running Big Sur and last night I purchased VN through Steam. After creating a project with the default game in it, I clicked the play button. It looks like it compiles but no game executes. I can build the game and then run the application which seems to work but the...
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    New Release: Beast Man Generator

    I bought this recently and when I went to follow the tutorial to change the body, it seems that my setup is a little different. The only file in my Generator folder is the gradients.png. I'm on a steam install. All of the other body files are under the sub-folders. Also, the Feline folder...
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    Due to International Privacy Laws, Sales Support ending for purchases before September 12th, 2013

    I have Non-RM content that I purchased in 2012. Is there a way to get a Steam key for it?
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    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2 (10/06/2019)

    Thank you. I have been looking for something like this. It will give me a starting place.
  12. redspark

    GameDevFort's Germania

    I'm using Game Maker Studio 2. So it shouldn't be a problem.
  13. redspark

    GameDevFort's Germania

    Perfect! Thanks. J
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    GameDevFort's Germania

    I can't tell how much I paid because I only have an order # and a link to Game Dev Fort for Details. The EULA is below. It mentions that the pack can be used with any game development software that retains the company's rights. Is that just in reference to needing to encrypt the assets...
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    GameDevFort's Germania

    Hi, I purchased Pixel Myth Germania from Game Dev Fort back in the day and I normally purchase Non-RM licenses. I'm working on a Non-RM game and I'm interested in using this tileset. But I can't seem to prove whether I purchased a Non-RM license or not. The EULA is a bit vague and the...

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