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    [Request] Scan/Libra ability.

    Glad its working for you.  Does it suit your needs?  Or should we do something about states?  I'm still not sure how best to show state information since it could affect many different things, but if you wanted to discuss trying to add it I'd be open to that.
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    Finding items in barrels, urns, crates etc.

    I believe the allure behind, and key to, any successful RPG Maker game comes in staying true to the "classic RPG" experience that RM was designed to create.  When games attempt to go too far outside of that intended realm, through fancy scripts and art updates, then end result, while...
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    [Request] Scan/Libra ability.

    This sounded like an easy enough script, and it was. I really love the new engine and plugin environment.  I also love simple scripts and making the most of the default game designer.  So to those ends, here is a little plugin which will facilitate the creation of a "scan" skill. The...
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    Reedo's Simple Plugins

    Reedo's Simple Plugins (RSP) Reedo's simple plugins are designed to add subtle functionality with a simplistic design which minimizes any negative impact with other plugins. The scripts themselves can also be used as example for creating more complex functionality as they contain basic...
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    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Hopefully the code formatting issues on this forum will be fixed in a few days.  When that happens I'll see if I can issue a fix for this.
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    Script crashing on save/load: proto's forgetting functions?

    A similar issue was driving me nuts.  This led to my answer and saved my sanity.  Thank you!
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    Why no error handling?

    Try-Catch is used in some of the core scripts where things outside of the game could go wrong, and I have found it useful while debugging in my own development in conjunction with console.error(). What I'm surprised to not see is much reference to F8 and using console.log().
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    RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    These are forum issues.  Please watch the following Issue threads for updates:
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    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Yes, I'm sure this is a fairly simple code edit... I don't remember if I swing a number of times or for a duration but it should be possible to shorten the swing time or number of swings.  When they fix the forums I'll try looking at the code and see if I can point you toward the line to edit.
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    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Not sure if you still need help on this since it was so long ago, but I would need to know the means by which you cause a new actor to join the battle.  If there is no script involved then I guess it is an event configuration of some sort?  The problem likely lies in the fact that the battle...
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    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    I apologize but I was unable to get a working VX ACE environment going so I can't do much to test any edits to the script.  It's also been a while since I've worked with any Ruby and probably won't use it much anymore.  If I get any time to play with RPG Maker it will most likely be spent...
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    RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    This seems to be a problem with the forum.  The file appears to still be attached to the post, but the link is indeed broken.  If I can hunt up the zip package, I will try to re-upload it to the thread. I've been playing around with the new RPG Maker and am investigating doing an updated...
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    RSQS: Reedo's Simple Quest System (beta)

    @ShadowFox: There is a "reset" method on the Quest object. So something like: q = $game_reedo_quests.get_quest(questID) q.reset() Where questID is the index of the quest to reset.
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    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    Thanks for the report diablodevil2.  Sorry I'm so long in replying. Give me some time to get situated and I'll look into this compatibility issue.
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    Help with a crash in Reedo's Side Battle

    *sigh* Apparently I've missed several notifications from July and August, sorry about that. My guess is that this is a compatibility issue.  I'll need to download your example project to find it. I'm actually not entirely surprised as I was expecting some minor conflict with Miss Yanfly's...

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