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    RMMV Olivia's Boost Point System and Action Sequence

    I don't know what I changed, but it suddenly works well. It wasn't known what caused it, but luckily it was solved. Thank you for help.
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    RMMV Olivia's Boost Point System and Action Sequence

    <Boost Repeats> <Target Action> wait: 30 motion guard: user MOVE user: target, front, 10 wait: 30 motion swing: user action animation action effect wait: 30 </Target Action> Notetag is like this. In this situation, no matter how much BP is used, action effect is used only once in notetag...
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    RMMV Olivia's Boost Point System and Action Sequence

    I'm using Olivia's Boost Point System plugin( and Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins. I want to use <Boost Repeats> notetag to increase the number of repeated hits, but the problem is that I don't know how to apply it in Action Sequence...
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    RMMV State that makes HP invisible

    I need a plugin that if player has the specified state, then change the entire HP bar to some color and change the HP number to a question mark. I'm thinking about make a state that will change the player's HP bar to a color like black or white during the battle so that the remaining HP cannot...
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    RMDC #3: Character Selection Screen

    WOW Thanks!
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    RMDC #3: Character Selection Screen

    Yeah, actually all the links are dead. If you don't mind, could you give me new link of demo? Thank you.

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