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    The watchmenceptionists do, obviously.

    The watchmenceptionists do, obviously.
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    Who killed me?

    Sounds interesting! randomly noticed: I don't see a bear on that third picture. So, you'll have Pokémon combat?
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    That sucks. But weren't you livestreaming? (or was that a different script?)

    That sucks. But weren't you livestreaming? (or was that a different script?)
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    Tutorial on Player Health?

    Oops. I'm sorry, I have no clue about IGMaker at all, so I just read the tutorial's headline and thought it might have been what you searched.
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    Tutorial on Player Health?

    Here is a list of IGM tutorials. I guess Vinosec might have been referring to this tutorial of his.
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    Hopefully never. Guild Wars (1) had microtransactions added at some time and never has there been anything that grants you an advantage over other players (well, the fire imp and mercenary heroes kind of do, but the minor advantage that can be gained by those really is neglectable [+ these come...
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    I'm a huge fan of the game. My first MMO was the original Guild Wars, which I got for christmas '08 (I know, it is officially considered a CORPG and not a MMORPG, but no-one ever really cared about that) and I pre-purchased the GW2 CE as soon as it became avialable. While it, of course, is far...
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    "New" project? Just how fast do you map O_O

    "New" project? Just how fast do you map O_O
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    Maybe the player simply only sees a small part of the palace because he or she can't access all...

    Maybe the player simply only sees a small part of the palace because he or she can't access all the rooms?
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    Ah, didn't see that edit earlier.
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    Or simply have the following on a single event page (without a condition): Variable 1 is Name's level. Conditional Branch: Variable 1 >= Levelyouwant if yes: Show Text (...) if no: Show Text (...) end
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    Where to get resources for commercial games

    You could just make a thread in the "Resource Request" subforum, but don't forget to include that you'll use it for commercial purposes. Or if you find some resources online that you'd like to use, just ask the author if you may use them in your commercial project, and what they'd like in...
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    Does the engine support Localization?

    The text displayed in your game basically is from three sources: First, the text you enter through the "Show Text" or "Show Choices" event commands. Second, the text you specify in your database (e.g. enemy names). And finally, the text specified in your scripts, especially in the "Vocab"...
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    How to get script from the Scripts.rvdata2 file?

    If you do translations on a project, shouldn't you have the whole thing, including the Game.rvproj2 file?
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    Hello. Actually, I'm not entirely sure if this belongs here or in Scripting Support. I just stumbled upon a game thread on, in which the creator said: However, no-one seems to have ever heard of an RGSS3a update, so I decided to ask this on the official forums. Is this...

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